Chuck Hagel: Liberal Globalist

A couple weeks ago neoliberal Andrew Sullivan (who masquerades as a “conservative” aliquando), referencing two recent articles in the American Conservative, called Chuck Hagel the “great paleocon hope.” I take issue with this classification on a number of grounds. In no way, I think, is Hagel representative of paleoconservatives or the Old Right.

First, Hagel is not a non-interventionist. He merely disagrees with the way the war has been implemented in Iraq.

Second, Hagel’s position on immigration is better representative of the American Enterprise Institute than the Old Right, whose legacy included the Immigration Act of 1924, a tradition to which Hagel does not belong.

Americans for Better Immigration gives Hagel a career grade of D-. On reducing chain migration, he receives an F-; on reducing unnecessary foreign workers, F-; on reducing amnesties, F-; and on reducing other enticements, F-. In short, he’s an embarrassment.

On free trade, which is destroying our economy and sovereignty, he is giving a 92% by Cato, which indicates that he does not support an America First economic policy, thus putting him at odds with paleoconservatives.

Neocons have made support of the war a litmus test for membership in any mainstream conservative organization. It seems that some of the opponents of the war have fallen into the same wrongheaded reasoning. Simple opposition to the implementation of the Iraq War, especially taken conjointly with other globalist positions, does not a paleocon make.

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4 thoughts on “Chuck Hagel: Liberal Globalist

  1. boudicca

    Chuck Hagel supports the UN’s Law of the Seas Treaty which puts 70% of the earth’s surface, including all mineral, gas and oil, under UN control. Hagel is a huge proponent of global governance and as a longtime member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (a CFR controlled Senate Committee), Hagel has systematically hacked away at U.S. sovereignty by advocating for every sovereignty slashing UN treaty.

    When the RNC decided to distance neo-con, first amendment slasher McCain from his own Kennedy/McCain open border bill, the bill (S. 2611) was renamed the Hagel/Martinez bill.

    Hagel is a traitor, as are most in Congress.

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