Dick Armey of Freedomworks Supports Amnesty

Our friends at Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) sent this, and I think it is worth passing along. (For the record, as an immigration restrictionist I am against both illegal and legal immigration.) I think they have a point. Groups like Freedomworks that have been funding some TEA Party activities do seem to have been downplaying immigration. Armey has come a long way toward our side on non-interventionism, and for this he deserves credit. But like so many libertarianish ideologues he reduces immigration to a free flow of labor issue. A lot of good that will do him when all these potential citizens he grants amnesty to return the favor by voting for liberal Dems and dooms Armey style “conservatism” to perpetual demographic irrelevance.

Dick Armey of Freedomworks (The group trying to take control of the Tea Party Movement) supports AMNESTY for illegal aliens and Armey says the Tea Party movement is about “Free Markets” aka NAFTA and CAFTA.

Obviously he believes in free labor and consumer markets across OPEN BORDERS.

Do you agree with Dick Armey of Freedomworks? Does this explain why the DC insiders are trying to keep the illegal immigration issue out of the Tea Party movement?

Leave your comments beneath this video where Dick Armey calls for ‘liberty’ for illegal aliens and claims Americans that oppose illegal immigration are “mean spirited”

VIDEO: Dick Armey wants Freedom for illegal aliens in America

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4 thoughts on “Dick Armey of Freedomworks Supports Amnesty

  1. Bede

    Good post.

    I think some libertarians are living in la la land. Poor Third World immigrants would never vote for a libertarian. They will vote for entitlements. But they won’t pay into the system. In the end, with unbridled immigration, we won’t have the libertarian open-borders utopia they naively pursue, unless by this utopia they mean a dysfunctional Brazil.

  2. D B Allyn

    No surprise at all to those of us here in Texas who had the advantage of watching neo-con Dick Armey for years.

  3. James

    The Tea Party Movement was a joke to begin with. I suspect that once the truly difficult and controversial issues arise (like immigration) and the ideological rubber will have to start meeting the political road the movement will shatter. Its been amorphous since its beginning. The Republicans were quick, very quick in fact, to take control of the thing, thereby sapping it of any real power and effectiveness. The sole function of the Republican Party throughout its Post-19th Century history has been to render every good, healthy and decent conservative impulse of the American people as impotent as Bob Dole. It has been fantastically successful in doing just that.

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    “render every good, healthy and decent conservative impulse of the American people as impotent as Bob Dole.”

    Ouch! Now that’s cold. :-)

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