Hey, it’s our birthday too!

I know this is the one-year anniversary of Front Porch Republic, but it was in February in 2007 that Conservative Heritage Times made its appearance on the blogosphere, a project put together by young paleos coming  and we’re still at it three years later. Thanks to our readers and editors and writers for keeping us going through all this time. Thanks again.

As gifts to you all may we offer the following articles for your consideration:

Pat Buchanan “The Dismantling of America”

Rita Handrich’s  “America Hates Atheists”

and another from Buchanan “The Poodle Gets Kicked” on Vice-President Biden’s recent humiliation tour of Israel. This is an exclusive CHT because apparently, acocrding to Buchanan Brigade webmaster Linda Mueller, the neocon censors now in control Human Events have banned the article for their publication and website. Well, you don’t have worry about those jokers. You can read the latest from Pat and other writers and from our editors right here at Conservative Heritage Times, one of the few conservative blogspots where dissent (outside of the foul and the national socialist) isn’t deleted.

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