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This whiny piece in Frum Forum laments that Ron Paul has a bigger influence than his following suggets he should. That’s sounds like the story of neoconservatism in a nutshell.  If there’s any better example of a small group of people who have had outsized influence beyond their numbers I know of no other. At least Ron Paul is electorally accountable. Neither Bill Kristol, nor David Frum, or the Podhoretzs or Richard Perle have been held accountable to the voters, only to do those who employ them. It allows them to survive like vermin that they are.

Here are some other articles for you consideration:

Pat Buchanan writes about the latest tragedy at Katyn

Chuck Baldwin writes “Saving Souls, Losing Freeedom”

J.J. Jackson writes “Making it Up as they Went Along”  at Liberty Reborn

Eric Margolis on Harmid Karzai “Bad Puppet, Bad Puppet” from Lew Rockwell

Richard Daughtry writes how controlling inflation helps the poor at Lew Rockwell

I thought this article was interesting, their is a hockey jersey wearing craze going on in Liberia. Of course, knowing Gary Bettman he’d probably want to set up a franchise in Monrovia.

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One thought on “Articles for your consideration

  1. RedPhillips

    Knepper seems to be becoming the go to man for sleazy SPLC style hit pieces. He is following the trajectory of Jamie Kirchick. Soon he will be jettisoning any vestiges of his misguided Randesq rational individualism in favor of the equally misguided PC grandstanding and centrist anti-fringe crusading.

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