3 thoughts on “Shocker: RINO Rudy Endorses RINO Trey Greyson Against Rand Paul

  1. Captainchaos

    Hey Red, do you suppose it might help my cause any if I were to get down with some Dale Carnegie?

    Important reminder: Yes, the Jews, they still control the media. Which is why the technically correct name for the mass media is the “jewsmedia”.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    Yes Captain, reading some Dale Carnegie probably would do you some good.

    Have you tried out my advice? Go stealthily insinuate white consciousness at some mainstream conservative sites instead of beating up on us paleos with your sledgehammer rhetoric. You would do your cause 100 times more good. But one hint, as part of that whole stealthy insinuation thingy, you would want to keep under wraps the fact that you think they are all a bunch of wusses for believing in Jesus.

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