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I found this piece from the liberal website The American Prospect interesting. Apparently one way around the individual mandate of the new health care law is basically join religious organization and groups like the mentioned. A very interesting bit of resistance against the individual mandate of both the government and the insurance companies.

Here are some other articles for your consideration:

Chuck Baldwin’s latest: “Army Report says Christians Threaten U.S. Foreign Policy.”

From the American Spectator: “How Romney Could Kill the ObamaCare Repeal Movement.”

J.J. Jackson’s latest at Liberty “What I Fear I am not Afraid to Speak Of”

Clyde Wilson over at Chronicles: “On Being America’s Red-Headed Stepchild.”

Justin Raimondo’s “Populism, Left and Right” over at

Michael Boldin at Lew “We Refuse!”

And Pat Buchanan’s latest over at TAC: “The Tea Party Tribe.”

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