Web Roundup – Naive White Liberals, etc.

Anti-occidentalist Cardinal Roger Mahony, who has bent over backwards to accommodate the Third World invasion of the U.S., will  be replaced by a Jose Gomez. And local Hispanics couldn’t be more pleased, as now they will have “one of their own.” Talk about the shortsightedness of white liberals.

Ilana Mercer, “War on White South Africa,” which should be a major international news story; unfortunately, it’s not.

Overpopulation Discussion Missing on Earth Day

Arizona to pass toughest immigration legislation yet

Even Byron York realizes that the SPLC is a scam

Tom Piatak, “Bringing Back the Old Economy

Chilton Williamson, Jr., “Sam Francis’s Mad Tea Party

Interview with E. Christian Kopff

Richard Spencer, “More ‘Facecrimes,’” how the PC media digitally bleaches the images of criminals; and “There Ain’t No Escapin’ Diversity

Derek Turner, “Irish Islam – A Brand New Shade of Green

Kevin Lamb, “Whitewash

Sean Scallon, “The Great Tea Party Cash-In

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