Machete the movie (AKA, Kill Whitey)

Here is the trailer for the upcoming action film Machete directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis. A superficial summary of the plot is as follows: some double-crossed mestizos and a Catholic priest go on a killing spree of white people who oppose illegal immigration. Of course, from what I’ve read, such behavior is celebrated, not condemned, throughout the movie.

Machete the Movie Arizona Edition 2010

Thought experiment:¬† How would the media react if someone made a movie praising a group of European American minutemen who take up arms and…? ¬†Nevermind.


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10 thoughts on “Machete the movie (AKA, Kill Whitey)

  1. Bede Post author

    It’s interesting that an Italian-American, Robert DeNiro, is playing the anti-immigration politician. Is he supposed to represent Tom Tancredo?

  2. Bede Post author

    Notice at 1:10 the image of the cross on the head of the priest played by Cheech Marin. Is the implicit message of this movie that God endorses the murder of European Americans critical of mass immigration?

  3. RedPhillips

    I predict this movie will not do well at the box office. If it does much business at all it is likely to be with a largely Hispanic audience, much like all the Tyler Perry movies have an almost entirely black audience.

    Rodriguez is friends with Quentin Tarantino and apparently share’s Tarantino’s fetish with old B movies. This is supposed to be a modern version of a blacksploitation style film although I guess you would call it Hispanspoitation instead.

    The film is based on a fake trailer that was in the Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature Grindhouse. I guess there was a positive reaction to the fake trailer so they decided to make it into a real movie. For what its worth. the script was apparently written in the 90s but I don’t know how much was added to make it relevant to current headlines.

    But it is not going to do well because while whites are definitely PC whipped, they aren’t stupid enough to get entertainment value out of watching their own getting killed at the hands of entitled and ungrateful invaders. The trailer is so heavy handed that the message can’t be simply overlooked.

  4. RonL

    I hate to sound like a Leninist but this is perfect. All we need is open violence. Nothing short of it will wake people up

  5. roho

    I saw the trailers………..I thought I was watching an 80′s SNL skit? What bullshit!……This is nothing more than some trash “B” Movie to create violence amongst the illegals, inorder to usher in “Marshall Law”.

    Nothing happens by accident in the Zionist/American Cinnema!

  6. RonL

    Were you to pay attention, you would know that MEChA and the Aztlanistas hate Israel. Try again.

  7. Ole Johansen


    So were are your attention awareness scale on the meter?
    Maybe you’re right on the Mexican indians view on Israel,but Jewish activist don’t care about that.
    They hate us white,Christian people so much more.

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