Neocon Raul Labrador: Let the Third World invasion begin!

As the tea party movement becomes more untethered from reality, tea-party activists’ choice in candidates becomes more wanting. Case in point, Raul Labrador, a “tea party candidate” who defeated Vaughn Ward yesterday in the Republican primary for Idaho’s first congressional district.

Who is Raul Labrador? He’s a Puerto Rican¬†immigration attorney who, allegedly, has spent a good many years trying to keep illegal aliens in the U.S. He allegedly has:

- fought to keep many illegals from deportation
- been suspected of smuggling illegal aliens and document fraud
- voted against (in the Idaho House) numerous provisions restricting benefits to illegal aliens.
- criticized Arizona’s immigration law
- called for more “guest workers” from the Third World

Congratulations, Tea Party!

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13 thoughts on “Neocon Raul Labrador: Let the Third World invasion begin!

  1. RedPhillips

    There were special circumstances in this race. Ward shot himself in the foot and imploded.

  2. Sean Scallon

    Ahh, but another Tea Party group has backed the Democrat incumbent, the conservative Dem Walt Minnick. Who says they can’t?

  3. Captainchaos

    This is the problem with the faileocon penchant for being less than candid with the lemmings (e.g., the Tea Partiers), most of them are too dumb and/or conformist to put it together on their own.

    I’ve attended a Tea Party meeting. The people there believe the peril facing us is a nebulous “socialism”, and not the pending genetic annihilation of our race. They favor “free trade”, yet it is precisely that which has hollowed out our economy. Some of them were reduced nearly to quivering at the mention of the dread “socialism”, yet they also voiced fears that their social security and medicare would be taken from them – socialism by any other name. Also, Scandinavia is “socialist” to a degree which one could logically expect to evoke their fear and loathing, yet is one of the most congenial societies on earth (because it is populated by Whites, despite its “socialism”). These people are truly brain-dead, sheep herded straight to the slaughter.

  4. RedPhillips

    Not only did Ward plagiarize, but he plagiarized Obama. That is unforgivable in a Republican primary.

  5. Bigmo

    Captainchaos got it right. Its really about ethnicity and culture(identity) more than anything else. But it only takes one public explosion, one controversy, one blunt event, and boom! It will all come out and real quick.

    Thats how supressed taboos always end. It just takes one crack in the wall. A Gorbachov prestroika type event. And then boom! Everything comes out.

    He is right that homogenious societies have better chance for socialism although I think America is too large even if it was all White since they are from multiple- European countries and not just one of them. But he is right that mass immigration, and not civil rights, is the issue here. If Blacks and the Natives were the only people in town, nobody would have really cared. But now there is a whole lot of more people. And that changes everything. Right? In 1950 America was 90% White and 10% Blacks and Natives. Today its about 70% White with Blacks and Natives only about 13%, the rest are all post 1965 immigration act. The AJC was the biggest player of them all in passing that act.

  6. crackon

    Interesting. We attended Tea Party and 9-12 when it started, but then it turned into “Donations” on every site of the group, but nobody really wanted to do anything. And now national Tea Party endorses Minnick – democrat who voted ok, but didn’t want to hold Town Hall Meeting on Health Care. State Tea Party endorses Raul Labrador – immigration attorney who is against departure of illegal aliens. Moreover, his law office advertises “Se ablo espanol” – gimmi money and I’ll make sure you stay here.
    There is nearly no meeting of Tea Party Boise going any more, so you cannot really see if there is anybody behind that name. There is even no chat room on their site to talk to people who think the same way. I have bad feeling it was not “grass root movement”.

  7. Believer

    We as Americans should not worry about the third world invasion of America, Our politicians have with their spending, have sealed our fate. Our Congress have been warned since LBJ to stop spending more than they take in, the last President who could save us from Bankruptsy was Ronald Reagan but he chose not to. Not long from now the Illegals will be going elsewhere because The U.S. Dollar wont be worth the paper its written on. Im happy that your all for this politician or that politician as it just tells me your the problem and not the solution, So go on and vote for your choice and remember the Illegals didnt vote for these Morons you did.

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