Daily Reading

James Fulford points out another absurdity by the anti-Western neocon Ramesh Ponnuru.

Richard Hoste notes that the French soccer team is no longer even French.

Heather MacDonald discusses the anti-European American (anti-white) bias in reporting crime.

Pat Buchanan mocks Obama’s ridiculous plan of bailing out corrupt politicians.

Thomas Fleming discusses the Aeneid (Preliminaries, Historical Introduction, I A (to 295),  I B: Compassion,  II A, II B, Metrical Excursus)

Srdja Trifkovic writes about Israel, the West and the rest.

Derek Turner discusses the electoral success of the Partij Voor Vrijheid (PVV) in the Netherlands.

Soeren Kern gives a political risk analysis of Spain.

Richard Spencer interviews Kevin DeAnna, Founder and Director of Youth for Western Civilization, and Jan Lievens of the Vlaams Belang.

Steve Sailer notes how Third World immigration is driving down the average IQ of Germany.

Brenda Walker discusses how immigration fuels overpopulation in the UK.

Kevin MacDonald discusses the much-awaited English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s “In the Camps of Gulag”

James Edwards discusses his new book, Racism, Schmacism, on how the left attempts to smear Western patriots with the charge of “racism.”

Steve Burton discusses a racially motivated attack against a 16-year-old European American (white) boy.

Patrick Cleyburn discusses Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley’s (“Nikki” Haley’s) neoconservative immigration position, and Nicholas Stix predicts she’ll be promoted to the national stage via GOP affirmative action.

Ethologist Frank Salter shows why it’s in our genetic interest to oppose open borders.

Classics Corner:

Rob Sanchez discusses the growing power of the menacing Indian Lobby.


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