Senator Robert Byrd, RIP

It is with sorrow that I today heard of Senator Robert Byrd’s passing.

Although he might have been the typical “pork barreling politician,” at least he tried to put the people of his own state first. And throughout his career, he has been right on a number of issues.

- He filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

- He, along wtih Strom Thurmond, voted against the Immigration Act of 1965 (possibly the worst piece of legislation in American history), while people like Bob Dole voted for it.

- He voted against NAFTA.

- He voted against the Iraq War.

- And he voted against the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill of 2007.

He also was an amateur historian and well read in European history – both ancient and modern. His charm and grasp of the political tradition (unlike the idiocy of other Democrats) will be missed. At least on the bright side, we no longer will have to listen to PC Republicans and neocons say that the only former klansman in Congress is a Democrat.

AddendumLeave it to the homosexual Satanist Alex Knepper to “remember Byrd’s racism.”

Everyone should read Rob Sanchez’s “Requiem for Senator Robert Byrd

Unsurprisingly, Obama “disses” Byrd.

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6 thoughts on “Senator Robert Byrd, RIP

  1. roho

    He also voted against the Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill of a few years back, and was an obsessive constitution student.

    May he rest in Peace.(With the wife he missed so dearly.)

  2. Bruce

    In a way he reminds me of Barry Goldwater. I liked them both a Hell of a lot better forty years ago. They used to have courage and stand up for the truth.

    Many politicians say the right things initially but the years change them, or maybe the desire to fit in and be more acceptable in DC and the payola and cushy jobs for their family members.

    I worked for Bob Inglis when he ran for congress the first time. He was not the same man back then. He did have a great staffer named Jim DeMint.

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  4. Bruce

    As a Clemson graduate I must remind everyone that when Strom was a Clemson Cadet fathering Black babies , he was a Democrat .

    I would still vote for Ole Strom today, especially if he could run against Miss Lindsey !

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