Daily Reading

Tom Piatak discusses Hans Herman Hoppe’s characterization of Pat Buchanan as a Nazi.

Jerry Woodruff discusses how left-wingers intend to transform America’s racial demographics to solidify their power.

Paul Gottfried notes that Elana Kagan (an overweight, Jewish lesbian) is representative of the elites of our age.

William Quirk argues that Goldman Sachs, in many respects, is a government-subsidized casino.

Thomas Fleming continues his discussion on the Aeneid (III A).

Paul Belien notes how some Flemish secessionists want to become part of an even bigger autonomy-robbing bureaucracy (the EU).

The Norwegian blogger Fjordman discusses IQ and race among Europeans.

James Fulford notes how the Obama Regime does not want civil rights laws to apply to European Americans (whites).

Richard Spencer notes the rise multiculturalism in Israel, interviews Derek Turner about the rise of right-wing parties in Europe, and calls attention to a black rapist in France who defends the rape of at least 15 white women on the grounds of his hatred of white people.

Peter Brimelow discusses how naive (intentionally so?) the liberal elite are on immigration, and laments the naive open-borders ideology of libertarians.

Steve Sailer cites more evidence on the minority mortgage meltdown.

Apparently a small-scale race war (Asians vs. Africans) has broken out in Paris.

Donald Collins, a Democrat, is disgusted by the Obama Regime’s federal suit against Arizona.

Patrick Cleburne discusses the possibility of the Obama Regime enacting a stealth (executive order) amnesty.

Richard Hoste notes how trashy liberals can be.

Classics Corner:

Rob Sanchez follows up his original article on the India Lobby with a second part.


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