Rising GOP Superstar, Gov. Chris Christie, is Weak on Immigration

Christie is doing good work in the blue state of New Jersey trying to trim spending, and as such he has received notice and praise in fiscal conservative circles. Some have even talked about him as a potential Presidential candidate in 2012. Unfortunately he is very weak on immigration. Not only does he seem to advocate for amnesty (a “clear path” to citizenship), but he also is critical of state level action such as Arizona’s new law. As I point out in the comments, immigration and the demographic change it brings about is an existential issue for the GOP. Apparently Christie can’t do simple math or is perfectly OK with his party being permanently relegated to an increasingly irrelevant minority status.

Addendum: It seems like the Politico writer Smith has spun Christie’s statement¬†somewhat. I’m still not crazy about Christie’s statement, but Smith does appear to have embellished it some. Thanks to RonL for pointing this out.

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3 thoughts on “Rising GOP Superstar, Gov. Chris Christie, is Weak on Immigration

  1. Puggg

    His hand-picked Lieutenant Governor, Kim Guadagno, is pretty good on immigration. Her last job was County Sheriff of a county in Northern NJ, and she signed up for 287g.

    I’m not surprised Christie is on the other side on immigration and all other implicitly racial issues. Hal Turnergate pretty much proves why.

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