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Rob Sanchez writes a flattering requiem for Senator Robert Byrd; notes how Obama “disses” Byrd; and bemoans the raping of a 4-year-old girl in Massachusetts by a Guatemalan illegal alien.

Richard Spencer recounts (firsthand)  David Weigel’s flirtation with the “far right”; interviews Tomislav Sunic; and notes how many Evangelicals are becoming anti-Western in their support of anti-occidental, pro-mestizo immigration policies.

Paul Gottfried agrees with Thomas Fleming that the U.S. Constitution is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Srdja Trifkovic discusses the “genocide myth” of the Bosnian War.

David A. Yeagley, member of the Comanche Nation, discusses the white-guilt adoption racket (i.e. why white women are so anxious to adopt “dusky little heathen” children from the Third World).

William L. Houston suggests that Arizona should ignore the Obama Regime’s dictatorial attempt to prevent Arizona from enforcing immigration law.

Pat Buchanan notes that while the U.S. pursues ideological free trade, China pursues what’s in its own interest.

R.J. Stove laments the fall of Australia’s pro-Western immigration laws.

Nicholas Stix mocks the use of raceless police suspect sketches.

Chuck Baldwin discusses the possibility that the Obama Regime will crack down on internet freedoms.

Peter Brimelow discusses the Obama Regime’s anti-Western, pro-amnesty push; and considers the coming Obama Regime vs. Arizona conflict.

Paul Nachman argues that ending birthright citizenship is legal, and Washington Watcher discusses why we should end birthright citizenship and refutes the myths saying we cannot.

Tom Tancredo notes career Republicans amazing immigration flip-flops.

Steve Sailer notes rapid evolution in Tibet; discusses Israeli-citizen Haim Saban, one of the biggest donors to the Democratic Party; and shines light on a recent conference of elite Jews discussing future trends and what’s best for Jews.

Randall Burns notes that Jeb Bush is still beating  the pro-mestizo, anti-Western immigration drum, and that our current “recession” might be worse than the 1932 depression.

Brenda Walker notes that 64% of Arizonans disprove of anchor-baby citizenship; and mourns the passing of Terry Anderson, African-American radio personality and immigration restrictionist.

Thomas F. Bertonneau argues that liberalism, fundamentally, is gnostic.

Chilton Williamson, Jr., argues that mass Third World immigration into the West is more than just bad economic policy.


Alex Jones:  Obama commits high treason; sides with foreign country against Arizona

Classics Corner:

Jerry Woodruff discusses the use and abuse of Frederich Nietzsche.

Note to Readers:

As many of you know, the Obama Regime recently has announced it will pursue three mass amnesties as well as attempt to prevent Arizona from enforcing immigration law.  If you are not already a member of NumbersUSA, please join so you can send free faxes to your representatives to express outrage at the Obama Regime’s treasonous actions.

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