5 thoughts on “The Anti-Christ Right

  1. Dostoevsky

    Anybody who quotes Fyodr D. can’t be all bad, I guess.

    An odd coincidence — I re-read *Demons* myself, just this past year.

  2. Bede

    There are quite a few neopagans who’ve written for Brussels Journal. Most of their views are quite similar to paleos’.

  3. Thaddeus

    I don’t see what the problem with having pagans in the traditional right is. The national socialists were many of them pagans, and supported a pagan revival, and there were no greater traditionalists than they, short of Bismarck himself.

    I personally am an atheist, but I will gladly work with both the most fanatical Christians and committed paganists for common causes, such as the defeat of gay “marriage” or to combat anti-white bigotry. What do I care what someone believes? That’s between him and his god(s), if he has any. The goal — the restoration of traditional values and ethics — is what matters.

  4. Believer

    Thaddeus- As American Christian values and ethics decrease so will the problems with our Nation increase, The Bible says that “Blessed is the Nation who’s God is the Lord”. So the trend now is to keep God only in church and out of everything else has brought our society to the point of chaos, with crime out of control, our population being replaced by illegals,and a economy that even God himself could’nt fix. It was no accident that our Nation became the worlds most powerful economy, and Military, then came the Athiests and 60 years later here we are.If you think just values and ethics will bring us back, well do all you can to change it but I can tell you Americas only hope is in the Gospel. As for being an Athiest you have to turn a blind eye to the complexity’s of life on this planet to not see the obvious. God Bless.

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