Daily Reading (and open thread)

Peter Brimelow writes that RICO lawyer Howard Foster thinks that we need not necessarily amend the constitution to end anchor-baby birthright citizenship.  It simply can be ended by:  (1) Congress passing a bill defining citizenship, (2) limiting the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction, or (3) individual state legislation defining citizenship.

Daniel Larison criticizes the absolutely asinine “arguments” of Dinesh D’Souza, the anti-Western neocon who got Sam Francis fired from the Washington Times.

Derek Turner writes about the African invasion of Malta.

Richard Spencer notes the pathetic anti-racism rhetoric of the tea parties, writes about the coming of Obamageddon, reviews the movie Machete, and observes a bank run in Kabul.

Steve Sailer writes about the PC-libertarian worldview.

Alexander Hart says we should not ignore the anti-white agenda of Machete.

Patrick Cleburne argues that the Obama Regime’s war against Arizona is treason,  notes that a new open-borders report vindicates ending birthright citizenship, and discusses how an Israeli has been importing immigrant slave-labor from Thailand into the U.S.

James Murray writes about SEED Money, another instance of redistributing money from European Americans to blacks.

Russia Today covers white protest against release of Machete.

James Fulford observes that the Vatican is worried about Islam immigration but it still won’t budge from its anti-Western immigration policies.

W. James Antle III argues that immigration patriots need to be more ruthless.

James G. Rickards argues that treasury bills are the new opium.

Fjordman, in writing about Thilo Sarrazin, notes the anti-Western agenda of European and American elites.

John Miano discusses how Obama stimulus money is going to Sri Lanka.

Classics Corner:

Sam Francis:  “The Germanization of Christianity


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  1. Bede

    TakiMag sometimes has an article by Sailer or Derbyshire, but I think it’s basically become a pop-culture website.

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