Daily Reading (and open thread)

Colin Liddell writes that much of Europe’s political correctness was imported from the United States.

Peter Brimelow argues that the tea party represents a stirring white giant.

Thomas Fleming comments on the tea parties.

Srdja Trifkovic notes that the “conservative” Joseph DioGuardi, the GOP Senate candidate in New York, is an apologist and fundraiser for the terrorist KLA.

Richard Spencer interviews Gonzalo Lira about hyperinflation, questions how revolutionary the tea party movement is, argues that Christine O’Donnell is a trainwreck, observes that the supposed “conservative” German Chancellor Angela Merkel is criticizing everyone to her right, forecasts possible currency wars, and criticizes the censorship of the pro-Swedish Sweden Democrats in Sweden (imagine that!).

John Derbyshire notes the 10-year anniversary of Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone.

Rob Sanchez reviews the anti-white movie Machete.

Paul Gottfried discusses Fjordman’s recent piece on multiculturalism.

Chuck Baldwin discusses why he’s moving to Montana.

Edwin S. Rubenstein notes that more pundits acknowledge that immigration is driving down American wages.

James S. Fulford observes that immigrants are importing poverty to the U.S.

“The Whistleblower” discusses a new strategy.

Daniel Larison argues that Americans are turning against hegemonism.

Patrick Deneen discusses Americans’ obsession with being number one.

Patrick Cleburne writes that Mexico has approved a border fence (to protect itself from its southern neighbor).

Classics Corner:

Paul Gottfried:  “Strauss and the Straussians

Special Note:

Call your senators today to oppose Harry Reid’s DREAM Act (aka a stealth amnesty)

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