Top Five Most Insane Ways Obama Regime has spent Stimulus Money

Top five most insane ways the Obama Regime has spent stimulus money:

- Taxpayer money for a program to teach Africans how to wash their genitals.

- Taxpayer money for Sri Lankan outsourcing training centers (i.e. to train Sri Lankans how to replace Americans at American jobs).

-Taxpayer money to bus Mexicans into New Mexico for free education.

-Taxpayer money for clean-energy windmill program in China.

-Taxpayer money for minority construction projects (while deliberately excluding white construction workers).

If you know of any other egregious examples, post them in the comments below. ┬áIn a few months, we’ll revise the list.

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6 thoughts on “Top Five Most Insane Ways Obama Regime has spent Stimulus Money

  1. nodarazist

    Yup, any money that can find its way into the hands of colored people. That’s an insane way to spend my money.
    Like repairing our miserable roads. Who do you think is going to be out on the road doing the construction work? yea, Mexicans. Well, no new roads for me!
    And how about the money used to help people out of their foreclosed homes. Who do you think is buying these homes with the help of subsidies? Chinese and Mexicans! No way. Let those homes sit and rot.
    And there’s lots of people that think this way.

    Think people! Stop the knee-jerk reactions. A lot of blame goes to the Capitalism run amok state of affairs. Seek the cause, not these questionable symptoms.

  2. Kirt Higdon

    Apparently a lot of stimulus checks, about 77,000 from what I hear, went to dead people. Of course, it could be argued that the dead are most in need of stimulus.

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  4. Kirt Higdon

    To correct my prior post, I read today that only 72,000 dead people received stimulus checks. At $250 per person that comes to 18 million spent to stimulate the dead. No resurrections yet reported, but I’ll bet good money all of those checks have been cashed.

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