Daily Reading (and open thread)

Donald A. Collins discusses the coming world population apocalypse (i.e. current population levels are unsustainable).

Edwin S. Rubenstein notes that, despite the recession, the U.S. still imports poverty.

Rafael Koski argues that Thilo Sarrazin’s ideas area really quite moderate but nonetheless an improvement.

Aaron Wolf writes about Mormons and American exceptionalism.

Derek Turner reflects upon the life of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.

Rob Sanchez discusses how an outsourcing bill fortunately was shot down in the senate.

Nicholas Stix notes how minority outreach has been a disaster for the GOP.

Alex Kurtagic calls attention to the pseudo-science of anti-racism.

Blogger “Metternich” writes that right-wingers need to be counterrevolutionaries, not conservatives.

Steve Sailer notes how the Democrats’ diversity coalition may be falling apart.

James Fulford praises Jan Brewer for standing up to foreign governments trying to meddle with U.S. immigration enforcement.

Christopher Roach writes about Rick Sanchez’s firing from CNN.

Susan McWilliams discusses the media’s notion of the “modern family.”

Daniel McCarthy recalls Goldwater on the Israel Lobby.

Heather MacDonald discusses crime and the rise of the Obama-Emanuel political machine in Chicago.

Pat Buchanan notes that one seventh of the United States is unable to feed itself.

On Death of Joe Sobran:

The editors and readers of Chronicles recall special moments with Joe Sobran.

John McManus writes about passing of Joe Sobran.

Paul Gottfried notes integrity of Joe Sobran.

Richard Spencer interviews Paul Gottfried about Joe Sobran

Andy Nowicki discusses Joe Sobran and “respectability.”

Jared Taylor reflects on his dealings with Joe Sobran.

Ann Coulter remembers Joe Sorbran.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Reading (and open thread)

  1. Cody

    Aaron Wolf needs to provide a better CFR on Cleon’s quote instead just saying that he said this in 1953.

    I’m not a big fan of Glenn Beck, but to be critical of such a great and principled Patriots like Cleon Skousen only seems to shows that the intelligence and wisdom that many EV’s have of the true nature of American government and the US Constitution is quite pathetic compared to many Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) that are leading the charge to restore our original government.

    Only those like Chuck Baldwin can be considered an exception, however.

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