Daily Reading (and open thread)

From the Third Annual Mencken Club:

Steve Sailer:  “Can HBD Trump PC?

Srdja Trifkovic:  “Eastern Europe Versus the Open Society

James Kalb: “PC: The Cultural Antichrist


Paul Gottfried defends Thilo Sarrazin.

Srdja Trifkovic notes that Geert Wilders’ legal victory is ambiguous at best.

Derek Turner calls attention to David Cameron’s con-job on immigration.

Patrick J. Buchanan applauds the return of tribalism to Europe.

James Fulford argues that current immigration policies have a dysgenic effect and discusses the late W.D. Hamilton’s views on dysgenics, eugenics, and educational romanticism.

Heather MacDonald discusses the a federal judge’s crusade against the NYFD.

Patrick Cleburne exposes Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8) for the open-borders traitor she is.

Volkmar Weiss, a German geneticist, social historian, and genealogist, reviews Thilo Sarrazin’s new book.

Blogger “Recluse of the Hills” discusses a possible alliance between orthodox Christians and pagans.

Roissy in DC reports how America’s future soldiers are unfit for duty.

Richard Spencer writes about the currency war endgame and discusses Cain Velasques’ “brown pride.”

Brenda Walker discusses the Democratic Party’s new strategy of pushing for non-citizen voting, notes how Tom Tancredo asks his Republican rival in Colorado to drop out of the race, and brings attention to a recent interview with German writer Udo Ulfkotte who thinks Islam and the West are incompatible.

Jeff Taylor writes about his adventures with sausage.

Classics Corner:

Thomas Fleming:  “Counting People and People who Count


Byron Roth writes about Angela Merkel’s epiphany.

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