Daily Reading (and open thread)

Sean Gabb writes about the horrific persecution of the (pro-British) British National Party by the left-wing (anti-British) UK court system.

Kevin DeAnna writes that if we Westerns want to stand by an oppressed people then we should stand by the “great English people who still have some sense of pride, identity, and patriotism in their Isle of Kings.”

Patrick Cleburne writes about Obama “basking in brown solidarity in India” here and here.

Rob Sanchez writes that  Indians are pressuring Obama for (1) more outsourcing, (2) more H1B visas, and (3) linking together India and the US’s social security systems.

Paul Gottfried, in his HL Mencken Club address, discusses how the Left won the Cold War, and discusses how the war party beats the tea party.

Roy Beck reports that the new Congress will be more hostile toward amnesty and immigration increases.

Pat Buchanan argues that the U.S. is on the fast track to becoming insolvent.

Thomas Fleming reviews G.K. Chesterton’s The Napoleon of Notting Hill.

Retired physicist Paul Nachman urges activism against family reunification fraud.

Richard Spencer notes that even Robert Zoellick is now mentioning the g-word and writes how GW Bush’s most depressing moment as president when he was called a racist by rapper Kanye West.

Mickey Kaus, at Newsweek, writes that the real election story is not that Democrats won Hispanics but that they lost older European Americans.

Luc Van Braekel discusses how Muslims hijacked a conference on multiculturalism in Belgium.

Allan Wall notes that a Mexican diplomat is trying to order the U.S. around via Geneva.

Tim Dionisopoulos writes that Srdja Trifkovic has been censored at Providence College.

Gilbert Porter Blythe discusses the African AIDS racket.

Daniel Larison writes about Goldberg’s foolish defense of American exceptionalism.  (For the alternative, see here.)

Allan Carlson reviews John Medaille’s Toward a Truly Free Economy.

Classics Corner:

Rob Sanzhez:  “Pledge of Allegiance — to India


The Tampa Bay Examiner reports that open-borders neocon Marco Rubio heads to Israel immediately after winning election. (At CHT, we noted months ago that Rubio was a fraud.)

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