Recently Overheard Said by an Auburn Fan

“Wow! If Michael Vick keeps playing like he did last night, people are going to start comparing him to Cam Newton!” :-)

I think it is a fair comparison. I mean both of them are pros. (Cue rimshot.)

Anyway, I thought of that myself (I promise), and I needed an outlet to tell it. But I might as well take this opportunity to make a few sports observations that are hopefully of broader cultural interest. I hope the audience of this largely political blog will indulge me.

First, Michael Vick. I don’t know if anyone has ever played the position of quarterback better than Vick did last night in Philly’s thrashing of the Redskins. The guy is playing on another level. Even with the games off for injury, he is the League MVP IMO. As a Georgian and a fan of the Falcons, I have followed Vick’s comeback with some interest. He has paid his debt to society, and seems to have grown up a lot. He has definitely matured as a quarterback. I wish him well. I just don’t want to have to face Philly in the playoffs.

Second, Cam Newton. This guy, like Vick, is a freak of nature. Since he is from Georgia, I begrudge him going first to Florida and later to Auburn, both mortal enemies. He should have been a loyal Georgian and signed with the Bulldogs. :-( But there is no denying the guy’s talent. I thought Georgia did a pretty good job of containing him (with the exception of one long touchdown run) in the first half, but you just can’t keep it up. Over time he just grinds you down. Auburn’s defense can be had, and I don’t know if they will win the National Championship, but watching this guy will be one to tell the grand kids about.

But unfortunately, I am generally of the belief that where there is smoke there is fire. I suspect the allegations of pay-for-play are true. But at this point I don’t know that Auburn has any option but to play the guy and hope for the best. And I don’t think Heisman voters should assume the worst. Fairness, until all comes out, is tantamount. That said, I highly suspect we are going to have another Reggie Bush situation on our hands, and I doubt this one will take five years to sort out.

Third, I’m excited by the success of Cleveland Browns’ running back Peyton Hillis. Because of his success Hillis has been all over sports talk radio. He was born in Arkansas, and he has a great Southern accent. In theses days when regional accents are fading and homogenizing, it is great to hear a good Southern accent on national radio. Hillis is soft spoken and humble and presents himself in a very positive manner for someone who could let all this new found fame and adulation go to his head. And I believe he is a Christian. I haven’t heard him say that specifically, but I heard him complement someone else as a “good Christian” so I suspect that means Hillis is a Christian also.

Thoughts? And consider this an open thread.

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