Understanding the Medaille vs. Stegall Front Porch Republic Monarchy Spat

I have been following this spat with some interest. Apparently Caleb Stegall has removed his name from the FPR masthead, although he hasn’t left the website entirely. I would have been disappointed if Caleb had left just over Medaille’s monarchism posts, but it appears there is some history between the two and Stegall had been uncomfortable with the direction of FPR for a while.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, go here to Throne and Altar and read the comment by Stephen which outlines the history of the Medaille/Stegall dispute complete with links.

BTW, how do you make the e with an accent over it on a standard computer keyboard so I can spell Mr. Medaille’s name correctly?

Addendum:Peter Lawler at the First Things Postmodern Conservative blog has weighed in on the controversy.

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