Michael Steele Will Seek Another Term at RNC

It’s now apparently official. Steele will seek a second term.

This after FoxNews reported yesterday that he would not. (The headline has changed. Initially it said Steele wouldn’t run.)

This announcement comes after more embarrassing revelations about Steele’s financial irresponsibility. (This revelation borders on graft.) Steele is a buffoon. He has no shame.

The FrumForum article includes reactions from three of Steele’s announced opponents – Cino, Wagner and Anuzis.

Gentry Collins, who wrote the scathing resignation letter to Steele, has announced.

Neocon lackey Norm Coleman might run.

I don’t know much about any of these guys except Anuzis and Coleman. Both are unacceptable. We at least know that Collins has balls. Any info on these other candidates would be appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Michael Steele Will Seek Another Term at RNC

  1. Woden

    Anuzis is a good guy.

    When Democrats in Michigan pressed him to condemn Michigan State University YAF for bringing in Tancredo, Simcox, and other right-wing speakers to campus, he instead praised them.

    The SPLC went after MSU-YAF and is now going hard after Anuzis. Despite this he has refused to apologize or grovel at their feet. This means he more courage than 99% of Republicans out there.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    That is good to hear Woden. My problem with Anuzis is that he wanted Ron Paul excluded from the debates after Paul’s dust up with Giuliani over blowback.

    He later relented after he was bombarded with angry calls and e-mails. He backtracked somewhat after the fact and explained that his intention was to exclude “minor” candidates and not punish Ron Paul per se for straying from the GOP script, but the context of the situation before he got hammered does not look good for him.

    I do think that instead of being intentionally malicious he was actually just more clueless that such a non-interventionist perspective even existed and was taken aback to hear it expressed, but if that is the case I’m not sure that speaks any better for him as a potential leader of the GOP. To be a state chairman and yet not understand the intracacies and nuances of conservative thinking suggests he is a hack.

  3. Kyle K

    Anuzi is a decent candidate. He took a brave stand and wanted wack job Ron Paul banned from the debates as he should have been! But he wasn’t forceful enough in calling for Ron Paul to be arrested for sedition and treason against America as I and other real conservatives have for the last 10 years!
    Another problem with Anuzi is if you rearrange the letters of his name it spells nazi and that’s just downright creepy!
    I support either Michael Steele or David Frum for Republican Chairman! If we don’t legalize the illegals and increase outreach to minorities and pro-choice and gay voters with our pro-war, tax cuts for the rich to grow the economy platform then the republican party is dead!

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