S.C. Majority whip invokes Confederate heritage to challenge 14th amendment

We have cheerfully noted various State efforts to end DC’s anchor baby policy, as well as the predictable bawling and squalling from the trustafarian left.

The effort continues, and a South Carolina State senator has invoked the spirit of his Confederate ancestors to introduce the legislation at a press conference:

A group of state legislators came to Washington on Wednesday to unveil legal language they say is a blueprint for states to pass immigration laws that might force a Supreme Court review of the 14th Amendment, which grants U.S. citizenship to any child born on U.S. soil, regardless of the parents’ citizenship. …

Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican state representative from Pennsylvania who founded the group that brought together lawmakers from 14 states, said that the laws would force a re-interpreting of the 14th Amendment and help slow down an “illegal alien invasion.”

When Danny Verdin, majority whip for the S.C. Senate, took the lectern at the news conference to explain his intention to introduce the proposed laws in his state, he raised the upcoming April commemoration of Confederate troops firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston, S.C., at the start of the Civil War.

“South Carolina may have been out front leading 150 years ago at Fort Sumter; we are happy to work collaboratively on this to cure a malady,” said Verdin, a Republican.

Looks like South Carolina has taken the lead once again. Know hope.

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5 thoughts on “S.C. Majority whip invokes Confederate heritage to challenge 14th amendment

  1. Matt Weber

    It would be interesting to see what the SC would do. Would they rule with Elk v. Wilkins, or with the later United States v. Wong Kim Ark? Neither of those rulings dealt with illegal aliens specifically though, as the category didn’t exist at the time, nor did it exist when the 14th was written.

    I don’t think the 14th requires birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, but it is a bit thorny. By all accounts, it was intended to apply to legal resident aliens, like the Chinese at the time. Wong Kim Ark basically ignored original intent and used English common law to form the restrictions for the clause, none of which exclude illegals.

    I don’t know, I’m not optimistic about a review. What I’d really like to know is why the left is so attached to illegal aliens in the first place.

  2. RickMurray

    The circumstances between the events leading to the 14th amendment and what is happening now could not be more different. The only thing in common is that we are dealing with immigrants.

    The amendment was, of course, intended to extend citizenship to a group of people who, through no fault of their own, existed in this country and knew no other. What started as indentured servitude ended up becoming the greatest sin this country had committed. While these people initially came thinking they would be free people they ended up as full blown slaves.

    Those who come now are not slaves, nor did they even try to come the right way. They come with a sense of entitlement, that just because they are here, we owe them citizenship and much more. (Just listen to the comments made by Obama’s Aunt Zuni and others. It cannot be more clear.)

    The language in the dream act and supporting speeches are designed to paint a completely inaccurate picture. Those who push for amnesty do so with an agenda, to push their political ideals.

  3. Woden

    “What I’d really like to know is why the left is so attached to illegal aliens in the first place.”

    Why do you think? Once whites are a minority they can establish complete political control as they already have in many major American cities.

  4. roho

    It has always boggled my mind, that liberals assume that my ancestors died in foreign wars for anybody other than their own decendants?……They did not die in the Mexican/American War for Mexican decendants! Nor did they die in any other war for a foreign national that has never had a single America ancestor!

    ANY of my relatives fighting in Iraq, can just come on home NOW if they are putting their lives on the line for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in the future!

    Oh, but I digress, as most have now realized that our relatives actually DO FIGHT for the benefit of ISRAELI CITIZENS and U.S. DUEL CITIZENS………..So discharge out anyway!

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