David Frum: NeoCon Wackjob

“The class divide was widening in 1990s America; anybody with eyes could see that. Yet most of the ideas you heard for addressing this problem–trade protection, income redistribution–offered a cure worse than the disease. And immigration was worsening the inequality problem without offering any significant social benefit. The case for reform seemed more than overwhelming. It seemed compulsory. On the other hand, the issue often seemed to bring out the worst on the pro-reform side as well. In the late 1980s, a group of self-described “paleoconservatives” had congealed around the magazine Chronicles. For them, the great issue was not incomes, but race. They mixed their ferocious hostility to immigration with savage denunciations of the civil-rights movement of the 1960s–and, for that matter, the Union cause in the 1860s.” ~ David Frum

David Frum, who used to be a big open-borders traitor (and deep down probably still is), has recently modified his position on immigration, but not without taking a blow at paleocons, who, by the way, have been right about immigration all along.

Frum also seems to forget that almost all conservatives (including Buckley, Reagan, Kirk, et alii) condemned the civil rights movement as left-wing utopianism. Kirk himself said: “It would be reckless indeed to tamper with an institution as ancient as segregation.” This, however, doesn’t seem to stop neocon revisionists like Frum.

Regarding race, the fact that real conservatism and ancient traditionalism have always been based in blood and soil, kith and kin, and genophilia (instinctive attachment to family and tribe) must bother Trotskyites like Frum, which is why he must engage in the role of PC Enforcer and demand conformity to the precepts of left-wing political correctness.

Such attacks, however, only show the desperation of neocons. And I’d be desperate too, if I had their scorecard:

Paleocons: 1
Frum & Neocons: 0

Paleocons: 1
Frum & Neocons: 0

Paleocons: 1
Frum & Neocons: 0

Paleocons: 1
Frum & Neocons: 0

Paleocons: 1
Frum & Neocons: 0

THE EASE OF “REGIME CHANGE” (n.b. ‘regime change’ comes from Marxism):
Paleocons: 1
Frum & Neocons: 0

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5 thoughts on “David Frum: NeoCon Wackjob

  1. Ex-NeoCon

    David Frum is an unpatriotic shill who is loyal to one and only one country (hint: it’s not the U.S. or Canada).

  2. Filmer

    Frum is obsessed with Chronicles and paleocons. I think because deep down he knows we are right.

    Why does he put paleoconservative in quotes as if he doesn’t know what it means or it isn’t a real thing?

  3. andyt

    This past week we dodged a bullet, at least for the time being. I think that this may sound cynical but I wonder if Reid pulled the bill from discussion to insure its temporary failure in order to thumb his nose at the Bush domestic agenda. I’m no fan of Dubya but this is a setback for him.

  4. Patroon

    Gee, where would Frum be without his favorite whipping boy? Alone in the dark I suppose.

    “The class divide was widening in 1990s America; anybody with eyes could see that”

    What a silly statement. If I went on Rush Limbaugh’s program and said the class divide is widening in America in 1990s he would have called me a communist. If I had written an article for the National Review in 1990s taking about the class divide it would have been rejected. Certainly David Frum himself in Dead Right never said anything about the “class divide.” In other words, Frum is endorsing John Edwards’ view of “two America.” and then blaming Chronicles and the powerless paleocons for excaerbating the problem. What a joke!

  5. James

    David Frum: that great American Conservative…from Canada. The ‘Decider’ as to who is and is not a ‘Patriotic Conservative.’ Mr. ‘Axis of Evil,’ David Frum. Shameless, utterly shameless!

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