6 thoughts on “The left takes notice of Ron Paul

  1. bret

    Yeah – it’s individuals reactions that are important here. I’m just waiting for the big name democrats to start attacking Ron Paul, then we’ll have a big push against him. Right now they are ignoring him, but his strong anti-war credentials are making them all look very foolish. They won’t stand for it for very long. But as Gandhi said, (you know the quote, ignore/attack/win).

  2. WillyPete

    My lady switched from Camp Clinton to Camp Paul. She was not very involved in politics and was going to vote for Hillary because of the female thing and because she is fond of Bill.

    For about the first month or so that I had been following the Ron Paul campaign online, my lady thought he sounded ‘off-the-wall’ on some his videos. Then one day I was watching ‘Why We Fight’ on the computer. She liked the video as well and it got her to think about politics a bit more. Now she has Ron Paul as her top friend, mails videos of Ron Paul to her friends and asks people that she runs into in public if they’ve ever heard of Ron Paul. I didn’t even try to persuade her, just let Ron do the talking. She thinks he’s ‘cute’ and loves that he was a baby doctor for so many years. If Ron Paul isn’t the nominee, she is voting for Hillary. She’s made that clear.

    What you say in your post is true. Ron Paul would make a very formidable opponent against Hillary Clinton, or any of the Democrats for that matter. He is already snagging votes from her. It has been my opinion from the start, and that of many others, that Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who stands a chance against the Democrats in this election.

  3. Dmitri

    So everyone go vote at pajamasmedia.com for your favorite candidate if you haven’t done that yet this week.

  4. Dennis

    What people are noticing is the difference between a politician and a statesman. Many on the left will not agree with Ron Paul’s limited government approach, but they will have to engage in rational debate with a man who has integrity and has shown his integrity repeatedly in the House of Representatives for the past 20 years. And that will be a boon for the American people, and definitely something different than the canned platitudes we usually have to endure in an election campaign.

  5. Republicae

    If anyone wants to seriously see just what has been going on in our government for at least the last 30 years, then by all means read Ron Pauls new book: A Foreign Policy of Freedom. It’s a compilation of his speeches before the House of Representatives and it is absolutely the most eye-opening repudiation of the mess that both the Democrats and Republicans have dragged this country into over the decades.

    It not only opened my eyes to the absurdity of accepted main-stream politics, but made me a believer in the Paul campaign. Ron Paul is almost prophetic in many of the speeches when he declared in the 90s that the foreign policy of our government would eventually come back to haunt us and harm us. Sure enough, many of the events he warned about have indeed come to past.

    It is well-worth the read!

  6. ang

    As a tree hugging liberal ; >
    I have never felt so strongly for any candidate, as I do for Ron Paul. Before, it was always the lesser of two(or more) evils. I really believe Ron has great integrity, which is something you just don’t see with anyone else. While I don’t agree with him 100 percent on everything, I know he answers questions directly, honestly, and right to the point.

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