In Defense of Nativism

It’s a sad state of affairs when you hear left-wingers, neocons and Trotskyites denounce any strain of “nativism” that they might perceive. In an almost 1984 fashion, they have taken one of the highest virtues and transformed it into an alleged vice. They have also bolstered a left-wing idea, the “proposition nation” (i.e. only ideas are fundamental for the survival of a nation), and attempt to peddle it as a virtue.

The word ‘native’ is related to the word ‘nation’ because both come from the Latin nasci, implying link by blood. Any true nation will be based in blood and soil, kith and kin, and genophilia (instinctive attachment to family and tribe). ‘Nation’, as the Latin suggests, is a group of people ancestrally related. Thus, ‘nativism’ is nothing more than support of an authentic nation. Any true patriot will be a nativist. I’m proud to be a nativist.

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27 thoughts on “In Defense of Nativism

  1. levotb

    As Tommy Rettig said at the end of the 1956 western, “The Last Wagon”,
    “Me, too!”

    I am also proud to be labeled, correctly as a “nationalist conservative” and not a paleocon. Dan Phillips did a great job of delineating the two to me in a recent email:

    “So, the big paleo/nationalist split is on the “decentralism vs. nationalism” issue. Modern paleos tend to be rather radical decentralist, regionalists and localists. Where the sparks really fly is about Lincoln, secession, and the War Between the States. Paleos see Lincoln as a tyrant and a villain. Nationalists see him as “saving the Union.” Paleos are sympathetic to the idea of secession whether they see it as a modern option or not. Nationalist see secession as an intolerable idea. (This debate can get rather ugly, and is perhaps an irreconcilable difference. Either Lincoln was a tyrant and the South was battling to save the Old Republic, or the South was guilty of treason and deserved to be squashed like a bug. Hence the ugliness.) Paleos would argue that nationalists embrace a view of the nation state that is a modern post-French Revolutionary concept.”

    Bravo, Tom Tancredo! Now, if we can just get the disgraced and pro-illegal alien AG Gonzo to send a wire to L.A. Police Chief Bratton telling him in no uncertain terms that the Feds will indict him and any of his minions for enforcing the illegal Special Order 40 which aids and abets…Man, would that be a happy day! The (illegal) ‘sanctuary policies” of so many major U.S. big cities is what is in part keeping illegals here and preventing their arrest.

  2. ERIC

    “Paleos see Lincoln as a tyrant and a villain”

    That’s the way I see him.

    “So, the big paleo/nationalist split is on the “decentralism vs. nationalism” issue”

    I don’t really understand this, but if nationalists are people like David Duke, Hal Turner, and various nationalist organizations and Kinist organizations, I agree with nationalists, and I like and listen to both Duke and Turner.

    I’m also in the overall Evangelical catagory (Fundamentalist Evangelical), being a Calvinist.

    God, Race and Nationalism.

  3. levotb

    No, nothing wrong with being a “nativist”.

    Hal Turner and David Duke, however, are avowed anti-Semites and racists, Duke having been an American Nazi and a real nutjob. I hardly consider them to be “pillars of patriotism” and would be wary (to say the least) of their supporters. I did not join this discussion to “kibbitz” with Nazis or at the very least, white separatists. When I get into discussions with people who advocate the killing of blacks and Jews and genocide, I’m outta there!

  4. Frank

    This site is Christian and thus not in favor Duke. I’ve never even heard of Turner. I doubt anyone here is in favor of murder; this is not a low brow site. I like Eric am only a mere reader of this site though.

    This site seems to emphasize freedom of speech and intellectual freedom: it censors nothing.

    I don’t think Duke is any more dangerous than Bush though when you think about it. So, I’ll tolerate Duke fans somewhat. I’ve heard Duke supports abortion for nonwhites. I didn’t know he had been a Nazi, but I did know he’d been in the Klan.


    Occidental Quarterly and American Renaissance are more intelligent. I read those two as well as a lot of other more mainstream paleo sites. I read too much online…

    Anyway, I could have the wrong impression of Duke though I suppose. I’m not trying to take the high ground – just offering my views.

  5. Jan Rogozinski

    “Local versus centralization.”

    This is a non issue. There is a philosophical theory called subsidiarity. Which is simply a big word for the common sense notion that laws or programs should be run at the lowest possible level that can do them effectively.

    If a family can do it, then the family should do it.

    If only a village city can do it, then the village should do it. But the village should not do anything that families are capable of doing.


    There are very few things that only the Federal govt can do. Perhaps one of those duties is to seal the national borders. An individual family cannot secure the border, nor probably even the states along the border.

    nativist does not mean nationalist. Native refers to the homeland one was born in–the local people and customs. Paleos are correct. There are no nations and thus nationalism is a fiction or myth.

    To say I am an “American” means nothing. Americans have nothing in common. When someone says “I am an American,” you know nothing about him. You do not know for example what language he speaks, what his religion is, what kind of food his family eats, what his skin color is, etc., etc.

  6. Dave


    Are you a left-wing moby trying to discredit conservatives?

    If you really believe the things you say, then you should use codewords to express them. Don’t just say them. Use more subtle words like “Western ethnocentricity,” or “Aristotlean tribalism,” etc. Barbarians do read this blog. It’s not just Euro-Americans reading here. I wouldn’t go around saying “God, Race and Country,” but would find a more subtle way of saying it: “I support the European native core of the American experiment.”

  7. Gene

    I may not agree with Dr. David Duke on many issues but he is one of the few men in public life who is not ashamed to speak out for white people.

    George Bush seems to represent the interests of Hispanics. Bill Clinton was proud to be known as the first Black president. Have you heard any candidate address the needs of White People ?

    Duke is not perfect but, who else cares about the rights of Whites ?

  8. andyt

    I agree to a point with Jan. I dont have the deep feelings of patriotism I had as a young man. I think some of this is due to maturity but I credit our national obsession with multi-culturism for the most part. I certainly don’t feel like part of the whole.

  9. Elizabeth Wright

    “Hal Turner and David Duke, however, are avowed anti-Semites and racists, Duke having been an American Nazi and a real nutjob.”


    Why not do some real homework and discover who Duke is today, instead of buying into the easy slogans and smears? Duke is no nutjob, and is not for anyone’s genocide. If you dare to take off the blinders and cease being fearful of being labeled “racist,” you might learn the nature of Duke’s so-called anti-Semitism. He has the ability to distinguish between the Zionists, who look upon this country and its assets as their God-given tools, and the average Jew who is just as clueless about what’s going on as any other fool.

  10. Filmer


    David Duke can defend himself, but I would be careful using the words “racism” and “anti-Semitism” because they have become virtually meaningless.

    No one that I know, certainly no serious activist, supports genocide or race or religious based killing.

  11. Suzanne Stallings

    Folks, this squabbling, while the plans for a New World Order, go on under our noses is not worthty of the millions of patriots, who stopped the amnesty bill.

    All patriots need the info here:

    Learn about Agenda 21 from the corrupt, anti-American UN. Then check out your mayor to see if he or she is a member of the US Conference of Mayors. As they agreed to implement Local Agenda 21 in their cities, using the Orwellian term of Smart Growth, which is not SMART, as it is Socialism!

  12. Frank

    Eric’s no moby. He’s a regular poster.

    I view David Duke as both an ally and a competitor. He competes with the leaders I prefer over him for the same fans, and he pursues some similar goals. I disagree sharply with allowing abortion only for nonwhites though. Murder is not Christian.

    It’s unfair that Duke fans are condemned while Bush fans are tolerated. Bush’s illegal total war attack on defenseless Iraq as a result of special interests is indefensible. Bush should be tried and punished for war crimes.

    Anyway, I’m far from politically correct as can be seen in my most recent response to Jan in the Dr. Taylor writeback. E.g. I mention that if the South seceded it’d essentially be divided into 2 nations, black and white. If this post paints me as an extremist, please read that post before rendering a final verdict – it’s the last comment on the page.

    A man ought to be honest about his views; lies are a tool of the devil after all. That is to say they might generally cause more harm than good.

  13. ERIC


    Thank you for the kind words.

    I also read Occidental Quarterly and American Renaissance.

    I think this is a good website to get informed and to also express opinions freely.

    Thank you again for the kind words and God bless.

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  16. luxzia

    I should probably pack up and go back to Europe as should anyone else here who’s a ‘nativist’.

    Anyone who is of European, Asian or African heritage then doesn’t belong by blood to this soil. Even if you are some douchebag whitey who claims to the cherokee princess grandmother crap, you are more colonizer and thief than native.

    So unless Bede there is half-Lakota or something, I suggest he pack his bags back for England or Germany or wherever. Since he’s such a big nativist and all.

  17. Lori

    the neo-marxist movement with its blatant subversion of our Constitution is just fine and dandy, but to be a patriot now practically regarded as criminal activity

    this nativist garbage is just more propaganda from the Southern Poverty Law Center, La Raza, the ACLU, Ted Fatboy Kennedy, etc.

    these people and their organizations must be continually dis-credited and exposed as the New World Order thieves they are….

    for example, 43% of the wealth of the US has been lost to the 3rd World in the last 20 years, that’s 2 Bushes and 1 Clinton responsible for the horrible mess this country is in, they’re going down!

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