Articles for your consideration

From new contributor Harry Beadle:  “The Fallacy of Human Rights”

From Robert Rohlfling: “Top-Down Lies”, and “The Fires of Unrest” and “Facing Harsh Realities” at his website the Drumbeat of Liberty

From SARTRE: “Populism, Progressives and Public Unions” at the website BATR along with “Is Gaddafi and Oil Baron?”

From J.J. Jackson: “The Republicans are going all Thomas Jefferson on us”  at his website “Liberty Reborn”

Fr0m Chuck Baldwin: “Remembering the Alamo” at Chhuck Baldwin Live

Dave Weigel had a nice piece in Slate about conservatives and trains which isn’t self-gratuitous.

The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus gets it right about the radical Islam hearings.

Think gas prices are bad now? Wait until Middle East unrest hits Saudi Arabia, especially if there is a Shiite rebellion as this article at Lew explains

Blowback strikes again according to Dr. Srdja Trifkovic at Chronicles

It’s Libya’s war, not ours says Pat Buchanan at TAC . Amen.

Happy Ash Wednesday!



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One thought on “Articles for your consideration

  1. Matt Weber

    The main argument against trains is that there is no demand for them. This is certainly true. I would prefer taking a train instead of a plane most of the time, due to the insufferable TSA, but when you look at the travel time and the cost you don’t gain anything. And the last fellow quoted was right; all it would take is one train bomb and the TSA would be all up in everyone’s panties there too.

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