Herman Cain Flirts with Birtherism

Businessman, talk show host, and possible presidential candidate Hermain Cain is flirting with birtherism.

He said in an interview with Shark-Tank.net he respects people who believe Obama “should prove he was born in the United States of America.

He was responding to a question about billionaire Donald Trump’s flamboyant challenges to Obama to just produce his birth certificate and close the issue.

He said Trump was “not off base, just like the people who have been challenging his place of birth the last couple of years.”…

If I were president and someone were challenging me on that, I’d produce my birth certificate. End of discussion, so that it doesn’t remain a big distraction,” he said. “I know there are people who have dug up some facts on this side, some people who have dug up some facts on [the other] side.” (emphasis mine)


Cain does admit it is “not an issue that I have studied enough to have a view on one way or another.”

On a not necessarily related note, I do think Herman Cain has a chance to be the last standing conservative alternative candidate to whichever Establishment hack ends up winning the nomination. Cain is a great speaker, and doesn’t have a lot of baggage or obvious flaws. Consider that a prediction, not an endorsement. On foreign policy Cain is pure interventionist boilerplate.

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