Articles for your consideration

From J.J. Jackson at Liberty Reborn: “The Smart Meters Cometh”s

From Robert Rohlfing at The Drumbeat of Liberty”: “Solidarity Forever” and “Only You”

From SARTRE at BATR: “Nobel Peace Prize for AWOL War President” and “The Girlie Man Culture of Government Schools”

From new contributor Harry Beadle at his own website: “For What I am Thinking?” and “Wrong Question”

Chuck Baldwin also has two new articles at his website: “The Bureaucracies Marijuana Feeds” and “The American Redoubt”

“When the House of Saud Falls” by Ron Holland at Lew

“A City on a Hill” by Mark Signorelli at Front Porch Republic

and Pat Buchanan at TACĀ  “Who Are We Fighting For?”


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