Good Friday to you all

For those wishing to observe a religious holiday as opposed to a secular one (which they do at say, Google and Yahoo) here are some places on the internet you can go to…

Chronicles Magazine

The TAC blog

and Daniel Larison’s Eunomia as Orthodox Easter fall on the same day this year as it does in the West.

And here are a few other articles too…

My latest post at TAC

Harry Beadle’s “Traditional Conservative Beliefs” at his own website

SARTRE’s “Betton Woods II – The Final Enslavement of Mankind” at  BATR

Patrick Deenan at Front Porch Republic “Spring Spheres and Vernel Equinox Bunny”

C.J. Maloney at Lew  “The Danger of Ending the American Empire”



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One thought on “Good Friday to you all

  1. Augustinian

    Mr Beadle’s essay is one of the best descriptions I’ve seen for briefly outlining traditional, or paleo-conservatism. It includes some good points showing how we separate ourselves from the neo-conservatives, libertarians, unbridled capitalists, and foreign policy/military hawks.

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