Long Hot Summer: the Kids are Alright?

Memorial Day Weekend, with the work of the Drudge Report, set the narrative for urban flash mobs (“non-descript”  youths causing havoc) .

It is by all means something to watch these coming months.

Parallel and relevant, most relevant, is the trend in cyber attacks (lets call it in context, white collar mayhem) on the institutions of the ruling class, the CIA being the latest target.

The mind, using the Bell Curve as a guide, builds a hasty profile of the various ‘perps’ in both cases.

The contemporary conspiracy theorist might suggest someone is passing some cash around in the streets to encourage mobs to justify a police state response; the cyber attacks and the rumors of social networking and flash mobs, are just psy-op tom-foolery to encourage mass support for ever more draconian action to control the Internet.

(And still the elder consumer of Internet pulp as far as the hackers go, might recall fondly with a hint of optimism, the tales of the late J. Orlin Grabbe and former Forbes editor, Jim Norman, and their 5th Column hacking and dispensing justice in the mid-90s–a narrative that grew out of the Vince Foster case.)

The conservative meanwhile notes more ominously, (to the extent the trend is acknowledge and critiqued amongst conservatives)  the “kids” are entering their reactionary period, and chaos is their purpose.  Generations of nihilistic upbringings: day care & public schools,  divorce and single-motherhood, pharma’s psychotropic diet, high manufactured carb diets, sun screen and fluoride water; competition for hypergamy females & the ease of virtual sex; the onslaught of violent images in various media from the evening news, video games, and the dark corners of the ‘net… minds unable to be shocked.

Throw in un- and under- employment, student loan debt, vicious competition, reduced funding for street policing, and poorly allocated funding for security threats… and the rest follows.

The attacks  have no political end and limited material ends, in the traditional sense.

The temptation to slide, rather conform, on First Amendment issues, and security issues, will grow.  An early Alternative Right article  “How to Win: Whistleblowing”, comes to mind, but more will be required to prepare the mind for what awaits as tactics evolve on both sides.

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2 thoughts on “Long Hot Summer: the Kids are Alright?

  1. RonL

    Lulz hit the Senate, CIA, and FBI. That is an attack on our government.
    They also hit Sony (personally grating) and 4Chan. Taking out the Playstation Network and 4Chan, where people pass around anime porn, is hardly an assault on the New Class.

  2. C Bowen

    Not sure where you are going with the ‘New Class’ reference, though I’ll add, the Vancouver riots are worth attention and digestion.

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