Russell Moore censors criticism?

Apparently Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who has joined the ranks of the Cultural Marxists in his support of the Third World invasion of the US, is now blocking criticism at his site.  Patrick Cleburne reports:

As I have noted previously, the Treason Lobby takeover of the Southern Baptist Church has caused our old friend the Dow Blog to reactivate, with three closely reasoned and scrupulously documented essays on the economicpolitical and theological aspects of the American immigration mess, written as a member of this denomination.

I strongly recommend them to anyone faced with the sanctimonious element of Open-Borders crowd.

All three essays, particularly the third, are focused on an article by Dr. Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Dow Blog has judged Dr. Moore’s piece the most intellectually significant Treason Lobby statement by a Southern Baptist leader.

Dr. Moore’s blog allows comments…unless you are the Dow Blog, apparently. I learn from Darrell Dow’s Facebook page that he has tried to post there, but his remarks have never appeared.

This is pretty a contemptible way to treat a sincere, well-informed and reasonable member of one’s own Church. Complain to Dr Moore.

Southern Baptists should demand Russell Moore’s resignation.

Update:  Russell Moore apparently has listened to readers and approved some comments dissenting from his Cultural Marxism.

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11 thoughts on “Russell Moore censors criticism?

  1. Kevin Thompson

    Why don’t you take the time now to explain your differences with Dr. Moore. How about another blog post that takes on his line by line?

    As an avid reader of Dr. Moore’s blog and prayerfully a future seminary student of his, I find the “Cultural Marxist” comment a bit of a stretch.

    Remember, Dr. Moore is in no way obligated to post your comments on his blog – that’s his right. I think you would agree with the basic American concepts of free speech and private property.

    So, my suggestion is for you to lay out your objections right here. Use your freedom of speech. If for some reason you cannot here, feel free to post an article on my blog if you are looking for discussion on the matter (but the Conservative Heritage Times blog has many more readers than the relatively few who care about anything I have to say).

    Now, having said all this, I would like to point out that I have been a very vocal opponent of illegal immigration – it was a key plank in my congressional race back in 2007.

  2. Kevin Thompson

    Also, for the record, I have censored comments left on my blog in the past. The purpose of my blog is to disseminate my views not be a platform for everyone else’s views. If you feel strongly about something, start your own blog – its a free country.

  3. Bede Post author

    Russell Moore is a fool. Look at his picture on his website. A t-shirt under a jacket? Who does he think he is? Puffy Combes? And this guy is a “serious Christian thinker?” Seriously, the guy’s article reads like the typical propaganda piece by the NY Times. He complete disregards the real concerns of restrictionists and sets up straw-men easily to knock down. The article doesn’t even flow as an essay but as a serious of sound bites. It’s as if he visited the website of La Raza and a few other sites and strung together their talking points (“immigration restrictionists are racists, bla bla bla”) with some hyped-up globalist “we’re all brothers and sisters” mojo with a Christian twist added for good measure. It’s at least interesting from a sociological standpoint as representative of the marriage of globalist Christianity and Cultural Marxism.

    If you want to see points addresses, look at my previous posts on this website. I’ve been writing on immigration or 5 years and have addressed most points.

    Or better yet see:

    The Dow Blog said it best:

    By passing this resolution the SBC eagerly hopped on the amnesty bandwagon and comes dangerously close to advocating lawlessness in the name of Jesus. In so doing, they seek the approval of men, by which I mean the editors of the New York Times, rather than God. The entire spectacle is yet another piece of evidence that even the most “conservative” American institutions have been taken hostage by the poisonous principles of political correctness and Cultural Marxism, a Satanic Trojan Horse whose purpose is to serve as a weapon wielded by the enemies of Christianity to lull gullible and guilt-ridden Christians into complacency prior to slitting our collective throat.

  4. Kevin Thompson

    Russell Moore is a fool. Look at his picture on his website. A t-shirt under a jacket? Who does he think he is? Puffy Combes? And this guy is a “serious Christian thinker?”

    Apparently you are not very familar with the man. I think these comments do not reach the level of serious debate and discussion.

    Perhaps you should read some of his other materials before making such rash judgements.

    Your comments come off a childish, since someone disagrees with one of your views you immediately jump to conclusions and throw every name in the book at him.

    I do realize you have blogged about imigration on this blog. But if your heart is truly broken about not being able to comment on Moore’s blog, then comment specifically on it here. If you think Moore’s thoughts are s serious that the SBC should eject him, then it is a serious subject to address in a serious manner. So far, you have failed to do this. Instead, you offer knee-jerk reactions and commentary on his style of dress.

    I have had many conversations with others within my own theological circles about illegal immigration. Again, I stand against the flood of illegal immigrants along with the drugs, violence and other dangerous accompanied with that.

    I think what you may not understand is that as a Christian, my goal is spread the gospel to all people – sinners in need of repenting of their sin. My church door is open to all people. I don’t ask anyone for green cards while greeting fellow church-goers. The church is not the government and their roles ought not to be confused.

    Unfortunately, this is where many Christians stop thinking. Because of their love and compassion toward all people, they naturally want to show this love toward the illegal immigrant. However, what my fellow believers need to understand that while the gospel must be generously given to all people and forgiveness of sin should be granted – sin is still sin. Sin must be addressed. The repentant believer who is engaged in illegal activities needs to turn himself in and subject himself to the law of land. God’s forgiveness does not absolve civil consequences to breaking the law. Pastors would be wise to council folks to do just that.

    I could elaborate much furhter, but this is not my blog nor is it my platform. I will respect your territory.

    You see, Bede, you are missing the context of the SBC and Moore’s thoughts. This is where the debate is. Your comments come off as ignorant and reactionary not thoughtful and insightful. If you really wish to convince people of your views, you need to do some more thinking.

    That’s all I’ll say about this – again, its your blog. Feel free to delete any part of anything I have said.

  5. Kevin Thompson

    Oh, sorry, one last thing – comments on Dr. Moore’s blog are moderated. I have left favorable comments in the past and it has taken over a week for them to appear. Unlike people such as myself, Dr. Moore does have a life outside the internet.

  6. Kevin Thompson

    So my point is proven. You quoted, “Dr. Moore’s blog allows comments…unless you are the Dow Blog, apparently. I learn from Darrell Dow’s Facebook page that he has tried to post there, but his remarks have never appeared.”

    Look again, Darrell Dow’s comments DO in fact appear on the page. Look at comments 44 and 50 –

    Would anyone like to apologize or at least issue a retraction?

  7. Patrick Cleburne

    When I wrote
    on Saturday morning July 3rd Darrell Dow’s #44 was not up – #43 was last posted. I read the comments carefully and of course quoted two of them. I would not have missed it.

    Surely Dr Moore would not stoop to backdating a comment?

    He has not acknowledged the email I sent on Saturdat notifying him of the blog (which generally only the most courteous do).

  8. RedPhillips

    Kevin, I’m working on an article on this issue, but it is hard for me to address Dr. Moore’s opinion line by line because I disagree with the fundamental premise. I would argue that a wiser and more Biblical (the Bible doesn’t address the issue specifically, but you can somewhat extrapolate) policy would be for Christians in a Christian country (demographically speaking) to support immigration policies that KEEP the country Christian. It would make more sense for Christians to support a policy that REQUIRES immigrants to be confessing Christian than for them to endorse a policy that makes their country less Christian. By analogy, don’t you want your kid to go to a Christian school that assures the other students come from a Christian background? Is the school you teach at “covenantal,” meaning at least one parent has to be a Christian? So we want illiberal Christian particularism for Christian schools, but we want pluralistic liberalism for the Country? What was God’s opinion of the toleration of foreigners with their foreign gods by Israel? What in the Bible makes you think God endorses pluralistic liberalism? The policy he endorsed for Israel was quite illiberal and particularistic.

  9. RedPhillips

    Patrick, if a comment is hung up in moderation, when you approve it it will automatically fall into the comment thread where it would have been based on its time and date stamp. At least WordPress works that way.

  10. Kevin Thompson


    I think we are in agreement. I think Bede and I probably agree on the immigration issue. Again, I am on the record on this. I have been very outspoken on this issue. I do not agree with Dr. Moore on this issue (though I respect him on just about most very other theological issue I have read his thoughts concerning).

    I was opposing the way Bede approached Dr. Moore and his post. It didn’t seem to be a serious attempt at discussing the issue. The premise of the article was also wrong because the comments in question were allowed on Dr. Moore’s blog. I would think a correction would be in order.

    I look forward to reading your more lengthy response.

  11. Darrell Dow

    On my blog and in the comments section on my FB wall I had written that my comments at Dr. Moore’s site had not been published. This was in response to people who wanted me to send the essays to Dr. Moore (I live near the seminary and float in a circle that includes many students, pastors and future pastors–though I myself am a mere laymen). I did not do so maliciously nor with the intent of baiting Dr. Moore. I assume he has better things to do.

    I received a message from Dr. Moore’s assistant who I believe moderates the comments to the blog indicating that he simply had not yet gotten to it. I’m assuming someone had gotten some emails which may have been generated by the VDARE post. I doubt there was any malicious intent and I have been able to post comments which include links to the essays I’ve written to this point.

    Mr. Thompson, I would suggest that you read the three essays, particularly the last. I respect Dr. Moore but I think he has knee jerks on issues that revolve around race and ethnicity. I’m hoping to write something in more detail about that but have yet to find the time. Dr. Moore’s arguments are hermeneutically unsupportable to put it mildly.

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