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There’s a good article in Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about how a Wisconsin institution, M&I Bank, which has been around 1847, dropped its Midwestern conservative ethos when it came to lending money and went for the quick buck in Florida and Arizona real estate. Now its going to be swallowed up by the Bank of Montreal.

Some other articles for you to consider:

“How will Liberals keep youngsters contributing to Social Security?”  by J.J. Jackson at Liberty Reborn

Chuck Baldwin promotes a new book about Romans 13

“Independence Day for Whom?” by SARTRE at BATR

“The Green Arab Summer” by Srdja Trifkovic at Chronicles

“Yo! Farmer Dude!” by Kathleen Dalton at Front Porch Republic

“Libertarian Moment?” a book review by James Pinkerton over at TAC

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