Coffee Time & Open Thread

Fjordman emerges from anonymity.

The Brussels Journal notes that the blogger previously known as Fjordman now must go into hiding since, with his identity revealed, there is a real threat that Third World immigrants in Europe could try to kill him.

Gates of Vienna clears up misinformation about Fjordman revealing his true identity.

Colin Liddell writes about the race riot in London last night.

Washington Watcher addresses Obama’s ties to La Raza.

Richard Spencer discusses the “America bubble,” points out a video about baboons domesticating dogs, and notes the “white blindness” surrounding the recent black flash mob in Milwaukee.

James Edwards points out a contemporary white woman who gets on her knees to beg forgiveness for slavery.

Steve Sailer notes the contradiction that environmentalists are nativists for plants & animals but anti-nativist for people,and counts the fallacies in a NY Times op-ed on the economic decline of mestizos.

An article in the NY Times demonstrates that Barack “warmongering” Obama thinks the US military should intervene to crush any and all immoral behavior on the planet.

Mencius Moldbug points out a document demonstrating that the left has been trying to silence the “radical right” since at least 1961.

John Derbyshire writes about understanding the Chinese.

Kevin DeAnna discusses David Frum’s recent call for an immigration moratorium.

Dennis Mangan blogs about the race riot in London, and weighs in on the black flash mob in Milwaukee.

Classics Corner:

Wayne Lutton: “The Southern Poverty Law Center – A Special Report

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One thought on “Coffee Time & Open Thread

  1. TaterSalad

    Subject: bin Laden movie for Barack Obama – rather pathetic isn’t it?

    Hollywood is now in the first stages of bringing a movie to the American public on the killing of Osama bin Laden to counter his image problem before the 2012 election. Just how low can a person go to get re-elected? Barack…it is not going to work! Now with the deaths of 22 Navy Seals during the first week of August, Obama has no morals and is “still” going ahead with this movie……………..or will he? I’m putting money on this one that his re-election is more important than his principlas and morals! How about your thoughts? What kind of people would support Obama now and what would be “their morals and character” is a good question also! There is a very good question that needs to be brought forward: Mr. President, have you no respect for our dead servicemen you sent into harms way?

    In memory of our fallen Navy Seals and Air Force Controller:

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