Race Riots in London Continue

Apparently the black race riots in London have continued into a second night. ┬áHere’s some footage of African youth looting a Foot Locker:

Here’s another video of some of the damage which occurred after the “reggae festival”:

One word for Prime Minister David Cameron: deportation!


The violence continues. From Reuters:

Riots spread to new areas of London on Monday while looting also erupted the city of Birmingham as Britain’s worst unrest in decades escalated in a third night of violence.

In Hackney, a multi-ethnic area in east London close to the site of next year’s Olympic Games, hooded youths set fire to rubbish bins and pushed them down a street towards police, while hurling bottles and bricks.

Many laughed as they ran back when police charged them. Others shouted into their cellphones telling their friends to join in.

N.B. The media now are dishonestly calling the rioters as “youth,” although the riots were started by blacks who started looting when an alleged black gang member was shot after exchanging fire with police.

On an email list, a man from the UK reports that Pakistanis and Indians have now joined in the looting.

Apparently some of the rioters are even putting pics of themselves on facebook showing off their loot:

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12 thoughts on “Race Riots in London Continue

  1. Walter Post author

    An Englishman also tells me that in some areas it seems that the police have completely lost control of the situation.

  2. Matt Weber

    Sounds like Paris all over again. The rioters will probably get bored eventually just like they did in that case.

  3. Walter Post author

    On the black man who had shootout with police:

    Mark Duggan was a “crack cocaine dealer” who was part of a gang with links to Jamaica’s Yardies, according to reports.

    The father-of-four was shot and killed last Thursday evening in an exchange of fire between him and officers from Scotland Yard’s Operation Trident, who specialise in tackling black-on-black gun crime.


    The riots, which started in black neighborhoods, have now spread.

  4. RonL

    Plenty of British (white) anarchists and assorted other unemployed aggrieved rich whites are beginning to join in, just like they did with the tuition riots earlier this year.

  5. Kirt Higdon

    “Is a London style race riot in the US inevitable?”

    Well, we’ve had them before and probably will again. The riots over the Rodney King beating trial were much worse than the London riots have been to date. I lived in LA at the time. There was the smell of smoke over the whole city, the police withdrew entirely from the streets, there were pitched gun battles between gangs of black looters and Korean shop keepers defending their stores, 40+ people killed in the LA/Long Beach area in three days and order eventually restored by the National Guard. And there have been many other examples in US history, even other examples in the history of Los Angeles. But I doubt that these are the harbingers of any revolution.

  6. roho

    Napoleon understood that “Anarchist/Mob Rule” should be dealt with overwhelming firepower. As Governor, Ronald Reagan told the people of Dan Francisco that he would place snipers on the rooftops with orders to kill if they rioted and disobeyed curfew. I even respect the Chi-coms for dispersing the demonstrators of Tienemin Square……………………………..The British allowed their rights to firearms to be legislated away decades ago, but not so in America yet? Mob Rule should be met with three choices: “Your going to jail, the emergency room, or the morgue. You decide!”

    Overwhelming violence always trumps underwhelming violence. The intitlement mentality has escalated to the point of violence, and fear of death always overcomes an unjustified dose of anger. This is the most covincing evidence of the failure of multiculturalism, and it’s time to mass deport the third world back to the third world!……………………Alive or in body bags.

  7. laine

    its always the darkies, they are born to wreak havoc, steal, use, take, hate, complain, plunder, rape, murder, and hurt others. why cant we kick them back to africa to live with their families in tents and squalor. after-all their race has never advanced in 1000s of yrs except with the aid, prodding, and handouts it gets from good whites. in africa they can deal with other evils like them all without the billions whites spend on them to prop them up.

  8. laine

    any whites joining in this are purely doing it for fun or have drug ties. whites dont do this garbage, its not in their blood. look at africa, its nothing for tribes to slaughter each other. thats in the black bloodline.
    heredity for sure. that is why we need to keep races separated. some races are better than others in all areas. funny how whites are the only race being forced and taught diversity, race mixing, multiculturalism. why not teach that to chinese or hispanics or jews? no whites are being forced to this so their good bloodline can be wiped out. dont do it……..
    stay separate and certainly do not race mix. its nasty.

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