Daily Reading & Open Thread

Investors Business Daily reports that both media and Obama administration are trying to cover up black-on-white violence of black flash mobs.

Die Welt points out that most of the arrests in the UK confirm stereotypes:  most were immigrants, etc. (Translation.)

Robert Weissberg writes how Catholic Church in US has removed principal from elementary school for being pro-white / pro-Western, which seems hypocritical considering that the Catholic Church in the US is basically joined at the hip with the mestizo-advocacy group La Raza.  (For similar story, click here.)

Washington Watcher advises people to ignore Rick Perry’s rhetoric on immigration and look at his real record.

Gates of Vienna reports that African immigration into Italy is reaching Camp of the Saints proportions.

Blogger Anonymous Attorney notes that blacks targeted whites at Wisconsin State Fair because they believed whites were “easy targets.”  (Dennis Mangan responds here.)

Nick Griffin discusses riots in London.

Audacious Epigone shows that data on Hispanics belies “Hispanic conservative” myth.

Steve Sailer writes about English historian David Starkey commenting that some lower-class Brits act black, notes how British media try to bully English shopkeeper from telling the truth about black riots in UK, and points out how prescient J. Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech was regarding recent riots.

James Fulford reports how Rick Perry flunks the national question.

John Anderson writes that Rick Perry is an enemy of national sovereignty.

Derek Turner notes the problems of color-blind policing.

Richard Spencer points out new study on IQ and genetics.

Lawrence Auster asks whether Westerners and their civilization can survive.

Classics Corner:

John O. McGinnis: “A Defense of Darwinian Conservatism

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3 thoughts on “Daily Reading & Open Thread

  1. thaddeus

    Auster, the Israeli Conservative, linked here? That’s a source of some dismay.

    His argument is typical: it was “meant” to happen. What idiotic fatalism. He’s a Cultural Materialist at heart, as the tribe always is. The underlying defeatism of his statement is entirely predictable.

    It was not inevitable that WWII wound up the way it did, and if it hadn’t, then there would still today be a potent world-view in operation that rejected liberalism in any form, that preached the very opposite of “diversity,” that would have no truck with feminism, that would be the spiritual opposite of Cultural Marxism, and would most certainly champion Western tradition and heritage.

  2. Walter

    I think that everyone here disagrees with Auster on certain issues, esp. his either/or lines in the sand he draws on Israel. That said, he does some great blogging. Recently, I think he’s written more on the black flash mobs than any other blogger I can think of. Besides, give the guy a break, he has metastasized pancreatic cancer.

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