The real Left wing threat to Obama

The real left wing threat to President isn’t a primary challenge from someone in his own party like Bernie Sanders, Russ Feingold or Dennis Kucinich. The real threat comes from Leftists who will support Ron Paul if the latter has a chance of winning the GOP nomination.

Indeed, it may be why more attacks are coming Paul’s way like today at the Washington Monthly or at AlterNet or  from Steve Kornacki at Salon or from Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. Apparently they don’t want Leftists or checking Paul out and perhaps liking what they at least have in common. Maybe they don’t want them voting for Paul in open primaries (of which their are 18 in which independents and or Democrats can vote in for a grand total of 874 delegates) to help Paul win the GOP nomination which would really put President Obama in a tight spot being the pro-war, pro-big bank candidate (and probably getting the endorsement of Rush Limbaugh on top of that). No, they don’t want this to happen.

Here are some Left win voice sympathetic to Ron Paul from Glenn Greenwald  and Charles Davis over at Counterpunch. And there’s the Facebook page “Blue Republican”

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15 thoughts on “The real Left wing threat to Obama

  1. Matt

    No such threat exists.

    If you want to know how big the segment of the left that puts issues above pragmatism and identity politics is, just look at Ralph Nader’s election totals. That’ll give you a rough estimate.

    Adults just don’t “switch sides” very often. Commentators pride themselves on being counterintuitive, so every once in a while their quest leads them to do something unexpected. This usually takes the form of praising somebody surprising, and there’s nobody more surprising than Ron Paul, so he gets a lot of articles written about him.

    People on the left, like people on the right, like reading stuff like this, but they’re seldom convinced. People don’t read political commentary to find out what’s going on or how they should feel about it. They read it to remind themselves why they’re better than others. It’s like a drug, and to yo switch teams is to cut yourself off from the source of your next fix. That’s not typical addict behavior.

    Ron Paul will get 1% of the left to cross the aisle and vote for him. Half of these will lie to their friends about it, and the other half will endure a lifetime of sniggering references to the Newsletters, etc.

  2. leland

    the threat is very real. social liberals like me are fed up with the democrats who just pretend to care about the issues we want addressed. issues like ending the wars overseas and shutting down the prison industrial complex. the dems have taken us for granted for way to long, and the anti war left will vote Paul if and when he wins the rep nomination.

  3. K Santoro

    You can NOT call yourself antiwar pro peace if you vote for any other candidate then Paul.

    Wake up people, this isn’t a reality show. Our empire has killed millions of innocent civilians, and thousands of our own sons and daughters in the military.

    Paul got more active duty military support then ALL OTHER candidates COMBINED including Obama.

    Paul will have MUCH more then 15% of Liberals if they wake up and realize what Paul stands for.

    End don’t ask don’t tell in the military and treat people as humans, not groups of humans. Conduct is what they should be judged, not what gender they prefer.

    Return civil liberties. End the “war on drugs”. Stop spending billions putting more people in prison then any other country in the world.

    Bring the troops home! I don’t care what part Ron Paul runs under. He is the only honest honorable person running with the peoples best interests before his own.

  4. Gregory

    As a former Obama supporter, active in the campaign in my home state, let me tell you that there is a LOT of discontent raging right now, and almost all my liberal friends (almost ALL, and I live in a swing state, and am active in my local Democratic Party) are seriously considering switching for Paul, if only in the primary to send a message.

    It could fizzle out, or it might be something even more historic than 2008. Who knows? But the Democrats and Obama should stop assuming the true Left Wing is safely in their pocket.

  5. John

    “Adults just don’t ‘switch sides’ very often.”

    On the contrary, only children would even think about it in a way where they would be afraid to “switch sides”.

    Adults, on the other hand, would put policy ahead of partisan bickering if they truly care about the direction this country is going in.

  6. catayl

    @Matt the fact that people don’t often switch sides and people are right now switching sides like mad is enough to point at and say that things are not like the old days. people are voting the issues and understanding the system much more these days thanks to the political awakening around the world. people are coming to the realization that we are about to get a taste of those austerity measures that Europe has been hit by for over a year now. people are seeing that impact of what is headed this way in October. there are many people like me that are coming to the side of the Libertarian ideals. and we are coming from the Liberal, Progressive and the mainstream Republican camp. that’s because the idea of Constitutional Liberty looks good compared to the offerings from the traditional party lines. what they are offering hasn’t worked out too well so we are headed back to our roots to try the Democratic Republic idea again. just the fact that we are having this conversation is a big change. Ron Paul is not the perfect candidate but he is the only one out there offering to work for us real people and not the Corporatists. the rest of the candidates are snake oil salesmen that belong in prison and tinfoil hat cultists that belong in therapy. if Paul gets the nom he will be picking Kucinich as his vp… you wait and see, i’ll be out doing something about it.

  7. roho

    Nobody from the left will ever support Ron Paul!……His committment to smaller government is basicly heresy, and unconsiderable.

  8. Kirt Higdon

    I think a couple of different things are being conflated here. One is the suggestion that anti-war leftists will support Ron Paul in a general election against BHO. The problem here is not only that there are very few anti-war leftists, but that these few would have to be casting their votes for Paul based on this issue alone. On any other issue, BHO would be a more attractive candidate to a leftist than Paul.

    The other is the possibility of these leftists cross voting for Paul in the Republican primaries as either an anti-war protest or simply to create mischief. Cross voting is always talked of whenever one party has no real competition among candidates and the other party does. No doubt it takes place, but I’ve never seen any evidence of it being even significant, let alone decisive.

    Unhappily, the war vote in this country is more potent than the anti-war vote and more potent still in the ranks of the Repubs, especially the self-styled tea partiers. BHO will also be going after the mindless militarist vote with his Hollywood friends rushing to production a flattering account of the hit on Bin Laden, to be released just as the presidential race goes into high gear. By that time, BHO might have Qaddafi’s head on a plate as well and who knows who else.

  9. gerry

    This libertarian pipedream of democrats crossing over to Ron Paul is hilarious! Paul is at 8%, my guess is he’ll peak at 11 or 12%

  10. Giovanni

    @Matt: No threat at all? Ron Paul is polling consistently in third place by Republicans and consistently well against Obama. 8% nationally? He’s in a crowd of multiple candidates.

    I was a liberal, my mother is still a liberal, my sister is a liberal. What do we have in common? Yes, you guessed it.

    The problem with many liberals is that they refuse to support anything with an ‘R’ after their name. Anyone that acts that way is a fool.

    Because with a man who reauthorizes the Patriot Act, increases troop levels in Afghanistan, bails out Wall Street is not better than a man who isn’t bought and who will pardon all non-violent drug offenders.

    The only one dreaming a dream is you Matt. All your ignorance and arrogance is not going to stop us from our attempt at creating real change. I’d take Ron Paul over a corporate dog any day.

    A vote for Obama is a vote for Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Oil and the Drug War. You might as well vote for George Bush. I still cannot wrap my mind around how you people just refuse to snap out of it.

  11. JayJay

    people will wake up when Obama pushes us the rest of the way off the cliff.Ron Paul is the only true change anyone else is more of the same.When the economy crashes and the dollar dies and we have to bring the troops home because we are broke and cant borrow no more then everyone will be like Ron Paul was right AGAIN

  12. Wondering Stranger

    …Given that it is 2014, I would like to point out some inconsistencies with any (supposed) Leftists (who’re probably just ‘liberal’ yuppies if they were just Democrat voters prior to Ron Paul, because, truth be told, after Reagan, the Democratic Party ceased to be a party on the Left, but… Think what you will):

    First, Ron Paul has always been Anti-Choice;
    Second, Ron Paul is Anti-Civil Rights (see his pots on for evidence) and, to some degree, one has to question if there isn’t an obvious covert/crpto-racist streak in him too;
    Third, Ron Paul is against Same-Sex Marriage and Gay adoption;
    Fourth, Ron Paul’s view on Guns (not necessarily a unified position on the Left, but… Ja…);
    Fifth, Ron Paul supports Free Market Economics and wants to abolish Social Security;
    Sixth, Ron Paul is an Antidisestablishmentarian (aka someone against the separation of Church and state);
    Seventh, Ron Paul is against Net Neutrality;
    Eight, Ninth, Tenth, etc, etc, etc…

    …Basically, I could continue to break down each and every individual political, social, and economic issue, but, let’s be honest, he might be Anti-War, which is great and all, but being on the Left is more than just about being Anti-War, just as being on the Right is more than just about being Pro-War.

    So, ja, good luck persuading the actual Left to support this ‘guy’… Because it ain’t gonna happen… And, guess what? It didn’t!

    Cheers, mate.

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