Dick Cheney and the Radical Center

Conservative Inc. spent the recent recess going on about Dick Cheney and his just published account of the late unpleasantness. In the time honored tradition of reviewing a book that I haven’t nor will read, I doubt it lives up to the expectation that “heads will roll.”

More so then any other character in Party B’s more recent arsenal, Dick Cheney filled the necessary void of a Radical Centrist that could plausibly be sold as a Rightwinger (e.g. McCain failed in that role) in the media.  Indeed, Cheney was the necessary muse.

Most of Big Media has presented the agreed upon storyline that Dick Cheney is a conservative, or even a Far Right Conservative.  The roots were necessary to invent, but it is worth recalling this act did not start with Dick Cheney, but his wife, Lynne Cheney, when she became head of the conservative coveted National Endowment for the Humanities during the Reagan Administration.

Lynne was, I guess, an author.  She had written a Western novel or something a little more risque anyway–(I would queue a Slashot reference, save this is a conservative blog.)  Take a peak if so inclined, anyway.

Dick Cheney, for his part, is an even more elusive “conservative”, ever more elusive as he transitions into ‘centrist’ if maintaining a full set of radical positions.  A wrestling fan can recognize a Turn when he sees one.

His stated positions, pro-gay marriagepro-gays in the military, and, in light of the Obama and Clinton Administration’s Foreign Policy, the consistent strand of supporting the toppling of secular or Christian or friend, in favor of Islamist dominated democracy states, runs without a break in the line.

Further, the man went so far as to say deficits don’t matter.

The lapdog neocons, so far invested, defended the comment.

Cheney stumped for Establishment candidates against “Tea Party” types last cycle—grumblings from Conservative Inc were observed. 

And, nicely timed after fluff from AmSpec (Quin)  and National Review (Lopez)  came and went the past couple weeks, Cheney offers a quote:  Hillary should challenge Obama in2012. 

There remains amongst Conservative Inc., Cheney Deadenders, like the WMD Deadenders (e.g. Rick Santorum), who just haven’t gotten the memo yet, but the ruse is over.

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