David Yeagley R.I.P.

David Yeagley has passed away from cancer. I was not aware he was sick. May he R.I.P. From the linked announcement, it sounds like he was a Christian.

Yeagley was recently the subject of a flurry of headlines because of his lawsuit victory over the folks who shut down the 2010 American Renaissance conference, although the significance of that victory outside the state of Oklahoma is disputed. It was at the least a moral victory, despite the protests of the “antifa.”

I am not familiar enough with Yeagley to know where he stood on all issues, but I appreciated his battle against the machine.

Possible Conservative Heritage Times Slogans

This post is partially serious and partially an attempt at humor. I think we need a tagline for our title. For example, Intellectual Conservative has “Conservative & Libertarian Politics.” Independent Political Report has “Covering third parties and independent candidates since 2008.” I think a tagline will add to our new minimalist design. Plus, at some point I would like to make some t-shirts and we will need a slogan for them. Here are some ideas. Please add yours in the comments. Again, some of these are attempts at humor and wouldn’t really be appropriate as a tagline but might be good for an attention grabing t-shirt.

ConservativeTimes.org … bringing you knee-jerk reactions since 2007

ConservativeTimes.org … we cover both sides of the political spectrum, the right and the far-right

ConservativeTimes.org … we were non-interventionists before Ron Paul made it cool

ConservativeTimes.org … dedicated to the quaint notion that we ought to actually follow the Constitution

ConservativeTimes.org … we ain’t neo nothin’

ConservativeTimes.org … pimpin’ Ron Paul before it was cool

ConservativeTimes.org … Sir Robert Filmer and Joseph de Maistre are our inspiration. (Burke and Kirk are for posers.)

ConservativeTimes.org … where the Dark Enlightenment comes to get out of the sun

ConservativeTimes.org … we tried to tell y’all we should have stuck with the Articles of Confederation

ConservativeTimes.org … refighting the Lost Cause daily since 2007

ConservativeTimes.org … not just old school, paleo school (or alternatively … we’re so old school we’re paleo school)

More to come …

An Update on Richard Spencer at CPAC

Richard Spencer posted the following on FaceBook. It is a retweet, but I assume it reflects his feelings about his recent foray into CPAC.

Retweeted Dark enlightenment (@enlightdark):

CPAC is an exercise in futility. Libertarianism is the most coherent ideology currently available and it’s completely suicidal.

Libertarianism is a coherent philosophy, and that is one reason I believe it is so attractive to young people. It is coherent and reductive and eliminates messy contradictions. While there are libertarians who can be sensible on immigration, the non-nuanced libertarian position is borderless with no governmental restrictions on movement. IMO, NPI types might do better making their pitch to more traditional conservatives on the basis that demographic change dooms the Republican Party and conservatism. Conservative intuitively understand this, they just make public PC arguments because they are afraid to do otherwise.

Update: I looked for a comment on CPAC at Radix Journal, and didn’t find one, but it turns out they were in the blog section rather than the front page.

Here is a post on the plans for the conference.

Here is a post on immigration at CPAC.



Is the New Zealand Flag Too Ethnically British?

Though only 2% of New Zealanders view changing their flag as the most important issue, Prime Minister John Key has declared there shall be a referendum on the flag sometime in the next three years.

While the current flag of New Zealand is easily confused with Australia’s, any change to the flag should reflect New Zealand’s British heritage. New Zealanders are today and will for all time be a race of Brits, however shameful they might find it. If immigrants flood the country, New Zealand will become a new nation just as it did when the Brits settled in Maori lands.

A 2013 census shows New Zealand as: 15% native Maori and 74% European, the majority being British.

Compare this with Sweden: 14.3% of the population there is foreign-born. No one has seriously proposed changing Sweden’s flag.

The example of Canada changing its flag is given by Mr. Key, however Canada was once overwhelmingly Anglo-Celtic-French. Since changing its flag, Canada has declined from being 98% white (mostly British). And the once strong French-Quebec secession movement has been permanently ended by flooding that particular province with foreigners. What this means is the Canada of old is increasingly going the way of the Amerindians. The nation isn’t changing so much as dying.

One of the proposed New Zealand flags, wholly lacking in British heritage: New Zealand

In the 2011 Chinese-language movie The Dragon Pearl, Wu Dong, keeper of a temple, addresses an Australian boy as “English boy” (even after being corrected), and he’s right in doing so.

Mercer is Goin’ Dancing Baby!!!

Mercer is goin’ to the Big Dance baby!!! By virtue of beating rival Florida Gulf Coast in the the final game of the Atlantic Sun tournament. If you recall, Florida Gulf Coast made it to the Sweet Sixteen last year, and was the tournament sensation earning the name “Dunk City.”

This team is full of seniors. Two years ago they won the College Insider post season tourney. Last year they won the regular season A Sun Championship, but lost in the finals of the conference tourney to FGCU, so they went to the NIT. This year I think they have a chance to bust a lot of brackets. Keep an eye on the Mercer Bears.

The international hypocrite

Vox Day cites that notoriously “neo-Confederate” propaganda mill known as the New York Times on the explosive issue of secession in Crimea. The editorial writers at the Times are having a little difficulty making sense of Obama’s opposition to a popular referendum on Crimea seceding from Ukraine:

Consider the different American views of recent bids for independence.

Chechnya? No.

East Timor? Yes.

Abkhazia? No.

South Sudan? Yes.

Palestine? It’s complicated.

It is an acutely delicate subject in the West, where Britain wants to keep Scotland and Spain wants to keep Catalonia.

To which Vox Day adds:

And the USA murdered hundreds of thousands in order to forcibly “keep the Union together” and deny the sovereign Southern States their right to self-determination. This has not escaped the attention of the world’s second-rate powers, some of whom have indicated support for the Russian position.

What the ruling elite can’t grasp is that the peoples of the world do not share their globalist vision. Crimea has a majority Russian population that does not want to be part of Ukraine. This is just one more problem caused by the anti-human policies of the old Soviet Union. And it wasn’t just the Reds who violated natural borders; the West is largely to blame for the unnatural and unsustainable political lines drawn in Africa during colonial times. As the folks in Sudan recently made clear, those borders are being redefined by history and culture.

The lessons of this worldwide trend apply here, too. As our rulers in DC import a more docile population from the Third World, the actual result is not a flowering of diversity but a loss of identification and loyalty to the old American nation. Already, secession is gaining steam in America, and ethnic and racial divisions are openly recognized as the reason. No people anywhere in the world wants to be governed by others – self-determination is just another term for secession. So as DC continues to reconstruct the old America, look for REAL secession movements to arise here at home.

Yawn … SPLC Labels Liberty Alliance a Hate Group

The SPLC has labeled Liberty Alliance a hate group. Liberty Alliance affiliated sites send me a lot of emails, and while they tend to promote articles full of red meat for the base, they are always well within the norm of mainstream conservatism. So the SPLC is essentially naming a mainstream conservative enterprise a hate group because it’s perhaps a more scrappy mainstream conservative group. That’s a reach even by SPLC smear standards.

(The most interesting part of this story is identifying the various Liberty Alliance sites which explains why I often get similar emails from different sites.)

Neocon Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

As a Southern paleocon who has often argued with Unionist neocons over the virtue of the Union invasion of the South and the merits of Lincoln, the current events taking place in Ukraine and the neocons’ reaction to it has me scratching my head. Let’s see…

Neocons, especially those of the Straussian variety, allegedly oppose secession. They oppose the historic secession of the South and reject secession as a legitimate political option for US states at present.

As a result of their inherent nationalism and opposition to secession, neocons venerate Abraham Lincoln above any other American.

Ukraine is a product of a quiet recent, historically speaking, secession from the former Soviet Union.

Putin is reoccupying part of Ukraine.

Therefore, if neocons are to be intellectually consistent, shouldn’t they support Putin as a Lincolnesq figure attempting to restore a political entity, the USSR, that traitorous upstart secessionist in Ukraine have recently ripped apart? And just as they should view Putin as a modern day Lincoln, shouldn’t they view the Russian Army as a modern day equivalent of the Union Army, and the Ukraine military as a modern equivalent of the Rebel Confederate Army?

But instead, the neocons are supporting the former secessionist Ukrainian revolutionaries and opposing Lincolnesq Putin’s attempt to reoccupy a former Soviet territory.


In a similar situation, Bill Clinton’s ordered American troops to intervene in the Balkans.

In the Balkan intervention, American troops were facilitating the secession of Bosnia from part of the former Yugoslavia.

If neocons are to be intellectually consistent, shouldn’t they have opposed the secession of Bosnia? Shouldn’t they have likened the US forces in the Balkans to the Confederate Army for facilitating secession and Clinton to Jefferson Davis?

Instead, neocons enthusiastically supported Clinton’s Bosnian intervention even while many conservatives at the time were returning to their non-interventionist roots and opposing the action.


Perhaps it isn’t really secession that neocons oppose. They seem quite happy with secession when it is breaking up countries that they view as challenging US hegemony. Perhaps the real problem they have with the secession of the South or the modern secession of US states is that it challenges their (mistaken) conception of America as a unitary modern state with a special mission to spread the values of liberal democracy across the globe.


Originally posted at Intellectual Conservative.

Archived at www.danphillipsmd.com.

CHT Was Hacked!

Sorry for the recent downtime. Apparently we were hacked. Most likely we were hacked because we have the Powers That Be shaking in their boots due to the quality of our anti-Establishment arguments. I guess it’s possible that there is a more mundane explanation, but I’m pretty sure we were the victim of a well orchestrated hack. I’m guessing a combination of the Bilderberg Group and Skull and Bones.

Rare to Partner With Publisher Crown Forum

In an earlier post I commented on the website Rare, which at the time was new to me. But a little research showed me that Rare wasn’t as new as I thought it was and was felt at the time to be struggling. (I’ll look for those links when I have more time.) That said, this is an interesting development.

Rare and Crown Forum, one of America’s leading publishers of politically conservative authors, Tuesday announced the launch of Rare Forum, an exclusive content and marketing partnership to bring conservative writers to a new and broader readership. Rare Forum pairs the best-selling authors published by Crown Forum with the online news and social-media reach of Rare, which has annualized page views of 25 million.

The Rare Forum partnership will highlight exclusive, first-look content from esteemed Crown Forum authors through the Rare platform as well as a speaking series, book forums, and other online events and sites.

Crown Forum publishes many of the most prominent conservative writers, thought leaders, and political figures, including Pulitzer-Prize winner Charles Krauthammer; “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld; former Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.); American Enterprise Institute fellow Charles Murray; syndicated columnist Michael Barone; and former presidential adviser Pat Buchanan, among others. – See more at: http://rare.us/story/rare-and-crown-forum-join-forces-to-advance-conservative-voices/#sthash.IfZEslgw.dpuf

Any entity that would tout Charles Krauthammer as a “prominent conservative” or “thought leader” clearly has some things to learn from our standpoint, but this partnership is worth noting because we here at CHT like to cover developments in the conservative movement, and because I suspect we will see more of these sorts of pairings in the future.

Whether these partnerships will allow for greater or lesser entry into the mainstream conservative sphere for dissident conservatives like ourselves remains to be seen. My hunch is that at the Rare level it does not, although I could see a Mike Church or someone like that breaking through. But could something similar be done on a smaller level? New publishing platforms such as Create Space makes publishing a relatively inexpensive venture.


Hat tip: Jack Hunter’s Facebook post.

Steven Seagal Calls for Obama’s Impeachment

Since we’re on the subject of pop culture, this is worth noting. Steven Seagal has called for Obama’s impeachment.

The actor appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, AZ on February 22, 2014, and was not aware that he would be speaking but what he did say, he spoke plainly in the seriousness with his message.

During the conference, a lot of funny political jokes were said but Seagal said that what he is about to say will not fit into the funniness of the night’s event.

Seagal said, “What I have to say is quite serious. What I want to say is that never in my life did I ever believe that our country would be taken over by people, like the people who are running it… at this day.”

See more …

I know that Seagal is mostly a straight to video actor these days, but since so few people in Hollywood and pop culture are on our side, any defections are noteworthy. I don’t know where Seagal stands on all the issues, but what he says here is pretty hard core, and that he was willing to attend this venue is comendable. He has clearly identified himself with us Reds in the us against them war.

Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Let’s see, Ellen, practically dressed like a man, was the hostess.

Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor.

Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor.

Twelve Years a Slave won Best Picture.

The bottom three were entirely predictable.

I’m not saying that McConaughey and Leto didn’t give deserving performances or that Twelve Years a Slave wasn’t well done. What I’m suggesting is that having a PC angle clearly gives you a leg up on the competition. For example, last year Django Unchained won recognition way out of proportion to its merit because it was a white guilt fest.

Millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted

Millions of Americans were illegally spied on by their own government as they participated in online video chats. The National Security Agency conducted this Stasi-like operation through its British sockpuppets:

Britain’s surveillance agency GCHQ, with aid from the US National Security Agency, intercepted and stored the webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of wrongdoing, secret documents reveal.

GCHQ files dating between 2008 and 2010 explicitly state that a surveillance program codenamed Optic Nerve collected still images of Yahoo webcam chats in bulk and saved them to agency databases, regardless of whether individual users were an intelligence target or not.

In one six-month period in 2008 alone, the agency collected webcam imagery – including substantial quantities of sexually explicit communications – from more than 1.8 million Yahoo user accounts globally.

Yahoo denounced these actions as “a whole new level of violation of our users’ privacy.” Yes, once again, DC has surpassed all expectations. USA! USA!

Or better yet:

Oddly, the pro-American blogging seraglio has nothing to say about this.

Korn Lead Singer Blasts Obama

Since were talking about hard rock, here is a story worth mentioning. Weaver and Hawthorne, this one’s for you.

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is unleashing the mother of all conspiracy theories — President Obama‘s secret agenda to become a tyrannical dictator with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kanye West‘s assistance!

We asked Davis about his band’s new “Spike in My Veins” music video — which is filled with clips of Miley and other pop culture phenoms — and suddenly it was all aboard the crazy train.

You gotta see it … right in the middle of LAX, Davis spewed a theory about Obama using celeb scandals as a “distraction” … while he screws us out of our freedoms.

Read more…


Establishment Hack Republicans in Georgia Legislature Attack Liberty Minded Republican

This story is a couple of days old now, but someohow I was asleep at the wheel and missed it. Once I started hearing about it I looked into the details and was outraged, but I wasn’t outraged at the naivete of an newly elected and obviously green Paulesq Campaign for Liberty backed Georgia House member. I was outraged by the calculated attack by Establishment hack Republicans who staged a piece of grand political theater to attack their right flank and put in his place a upstart who threatened to upset their old boys club.

In brief, Rep. Sam Moore submitted a bill to the Georgia legislature that was intended to decrease the authority of the police to  arrest people based on vague anti-loitering laws. It contained language that would have loosened some restrictions on sex offenders and the hacks saw their chance to pounce on an uppity new House member whose focus on liberty threatens their reason for being. Whether that particular language was good law or not, what is at issue here is not a particular piece of legislation. What is at issue is the fact that a bunch of shameless hacks chose to grandstand rather than attempt to govern rightly. If the language was bad, either from an actual legislative standpoint or from a looks bad politically standpoint, then just calmly suggest to Rep. Moore that he might want to make some changes. For several House members to take to the floor to publically express outrage reeks of an orchestrated political hit job.

Here is some commentary on this travesty that gets it right.

And here.

And here is one that gets it wrong.

I include this particular example, among many that get it wrong, because I posted a comment below it. My comment is a bit harsh, but hardball from hacks begets hardball back.

Give me a break Jason. The Establishment Republicans deliberately used this opportunity to attack someone they see as a threat and not part of the old boys club and YOU KNOW IT! To pretend like this was all a legitimate uprising because of some truly awful offense is a deliberate sham. Any issues with the bills, whether actual or just potential opportunities for grandstanders to make rhetorical political hay, could have been addressed in a measured sensible way in a back room somewhere as is usually the case. More senior members of the party who were actually interested in right governing instead of striking a blow against their right flank would have quietly made suggestions to Rep. Moore with an eye toward protecting a new member rather than grandstand like a bunch of shameless peacocks. They have taken a page stright from the PC Cultural Marxist rightthink enforcement playbook with their “point and sputter” and feigned outrage game playing. Pretending not to recognize this does not make you a “statist” or a “patsy.” It makes you a co-conspirator. And I dare you to forever sacrifice your credibility as a political commentator to here for all the world to see pretend that you don’t realize that this was about political game playing and not about the merits or lack thereof of any piece of legislation.

I hate it when the left uses these tactics, but I expect it from them. It’s what mindless morally stunted leftists do, but when supposed conservatives do it to their right flank, it makes my blood boil.

Update: Here is an article that gives an explanation of the background of the bill.

File Under Things That Will Hurt Your Christian Testimony

Anyone who grew up in evangelical culture will be familiar with the often heard terminology that one is “not being a good witness” (to his Christian faith). A Christian is said to “not be a good witness” when he is caught in un-Christian behavior – smoking, drinking (at all or in excess depending on your denomination), shacking up with his girlfriend, etc. This is closely associated with the charge that engaging in open sin will “hurt your Christian testimony.” We’ll you can file this story under things that will most definitely hurt your Christian testimony.

Christian metal singer pleads guilty in California murder plot

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) – The lead singer for the heavy metal Christian rock band As I Lay Dying pleaded guilty in California on Tuesday to a charge of soliciting an undercover detective posing as a hit man to kill his estranged wife.

Tim Lambesis, 33, entered the plea in a San Diego court as part of a deal that will net him a 9-year prison sentence, said his attorney, Thomas Warwick. Lambesis remains free on $2 million bail until his May 2 sentencing hearing, Warwick said.

Lambesis had been in a custody dispute with his wife, Meggan, regarding their three adopted children when in May 2013 he asked a personal trainer at his gym if he knew anyone who could kill his wife, according to charging documents in the criminal case.

The trainer contacted the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, which sent an undercover detective to meet with Lambesis

Read more…

Yep, hiring a hitman to off your wife is definitely way up there on the list of things that wouldn’t be the best Christian witness. Now the old fuddy-duddy in me really wants to suggest that maybe there is something fundamentally (no pun intended) incompatable between Christianity and “heavy metal” music, but I will refrain for now. Such conversations take me back to my youth and the constant harangue … err … concerned admonitions of youth ministers in the 80′s. A second take home lesson from all of this, and I’m not suggesting it mind you, but if you are dead set (again, no pun intended) on hiring a hitman, perhaps, just perhaps, your personal trainer is not the go to person to help you locate one.

All kidding aside, Mr. Lambesis is said to have lost his faith and become a heavy user of steroids. Hopefully the steroids help explains this bizarre turn of events, and we should all pray that Mr. Lambesis returns to his faith. Maybe his will be one of those post prison conversion stories, but I hope all will indulge me one small suggestion. Perhaps post release Mr. Lambesis should try his hand at Southern Gospel. I don’t recall ever seeing any headlines that read “Lead Singer of The Inspirations Pleads Guilty in Murder for Hire Plot.”

Trade News from The Coalition for a Prosperous America 25 Feb 14

CPA sends me frequent trade news updates. At the first of the year I said I was going to try to post more of the stuff that is sent to us, but I haven’t been doing a very good job of that so far. I’ll try to do better, but consider this a first attempt at that effort:

The best trade and economic information on the web, brought to you by the Coalition for a Prosperous America.

Feb 24, 2014 11:55 am | Sara Haimowitz

Reposted from Politico ***** Big obstacles loom in Pacific trade meeting Adam Behsudi  |  February 21, 2014  |  Politico Trade ministers headed to Singapore for another round of high-level meetings on a Pacific Rim deal appear as likely to make headway as they did the last time — not very….

Thomas Fleming Takes Aim at Left and Right

This is how Thomas Fleming announced his new column on FaceBook:

I’ve posted a deliberately provocative piece on our website.  It should offend all respectable people.  https://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/kansas-bleeds-again/

Well, provocative it is, but he is right. Take a look. The right in America is so whipped by its fear of being called bad names, that they can’t make logical arguments. The arguments they need to make are inherently illiberal, but they are afraid to make them. Partially because they have absorbed so much of the ambient liberalism that they believe it, and partially because they fear reprisal. So they often end up making convoluted liberal arguments toward an illiberal end. The argument against gay “marriage” for example, is inherently illiberal because it is based on the rejection of absolute equalism and the defense of righteous discrimination. Reading this you can just see some movement con getting his back up. “I don’t want to discriminate! How dare you!” But yes he does and rightfully so.

NPI is Going to CPAC 2014

Well, this is interesting. Richard Spencer is taking his National Policy Institute (NPI) show on the road to CPAC this year.

For years, supporters have urged NPI to make an appearance at CPAC. This year, we’re doing it.

I will be attending panels that are relevant to our movement, and on Friday, March 7, we will host a private gathering for friends, supporters, and  interested attendees.  We will be joined by a special guest, whose identity will be revealed in the coming days.

In attending CPAC, we must be realistic about what can be accomplished. NPI is not an official sponsor, and thus our ability to affect CPAC’s agenda is limited to say the least.

Read more…

While I have my disagreements with Spencer, I agree with this approach. That said, I do see how this could go awry. CPAC made the news last year because a group of white nationalists attended and managed to go viral. I’m sure CPAC wants to avoid that outcome this year. Once word of this gets out to the SPLC and other PC enforcing organizations, it wouldn’t surprise me if CPAC makes an effort to prevent it. CPAC can not, as far as I know, prevent a private get together at the hotel. (Unless they have some sort of contract with the hotel that gives them a say with regard to all room usage? I’m no lawyer, so I’m just shooting from the hip here.) But I do think that they, as a private entity, could refuse to allow a particular person to register. Maybe Spencer will be going as press. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.