Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs – Updated 2010

Mass immigration drives down wages, expands the wealth gap, reduces American security, draws on social services intended for citizens, and taxes the environment. The Third World remains unaided by the opening of America’s borders; the only tangible result is the ruination of our own quality of life.

America was never founded as a nation of immigrants. The Founders were slave-holding. Citizenship was originally restricted by ethnicity and religion and tied to the individual states, not to the federal government. The 1960 estimate is 85% white, the 1790 census shows 70% English, and the colonies precede 1776. Virginia Dare was born in 1587, in North Carolina.

However revolting such a past might be to some Americans, such is our true founding, our true history. There is no justification for opening our doors to mass immigration. Say no to The Last Chance Armada! Americans deserve a tolerable standard of living; America is a real nation with as much right to exist as has any other nation.

Reagan’s 1986 amnesty to 3 million illegal colonists has only encouraged more to enter from our south. If the dream is a nonwhite majority, such a future is already inevitable. The only beneficiary of mass immigration is big business.

Machida vs. Weidman

I’m conflicted about this one. I really like both fighters. I rooted for Weidman during his two bouts against Silva, who I don’t like. But I have liked Machida for years. I like his Karate style. So I guess I’ll be rooting for and predicting The Dragon.

And as usual, I’ll be rooting against Rhonda Rousey. She’s good, but I don’t like her attitude. Plus. She hit Miesha Tate in the face. IMO, hitting Miesha Tate in the face should be punishable by life in prison without the possibility of parole. Such animals need to be off the street.

Obama’s Two-Front War

Interesting, isn’t it, how tactics and objectives dovetail in D.C.’s ever-escalating war to impose multiculturalism at home and abroad? In defense of the principle of “inclusion” in Iraq, Obama is quietly ramping up efforts to prop up D.C.’s puppet regime in Baghdad:

Monday of this week, the first combat troops came, with the promise now shifting to a “no combat missions” one.

Even that seems absurd, as the Pentagon sends Apache attack helicopters into Iraq for the combat troops to use in these “non-combat” missions. The administration appears to recognize the unpopularity of a new Iraq War, but seems determined to escalate quietly until it is no longer a potential move to warn against, but a simple reality.

Similarly, Obama’s response to the invasion of our southwest border is to present defenders of traditional America with a fait accompli of a Third-World occupation that will impose “inclusiveness” on the American people:

“Either we’re going to enforce our laws and remain strong, economically or otherwise, or we ignore the rule of law and go to being a Third World country,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican, told Fox News. “You’ve got to follow the law. You cannot bring hundreds of thousands of people in this country without destroying the country. Then there’s no place that people can dream about coming.”

No one knows this better than Barack Obama. Making the United States over into a Third World country is exactly what this president is about. He is of the Third World. He spent his formative years in the Third World, and when his mother, obsessed with the Third World, brought him back to America, he sought out the company of those who dreamed of making America over into the world’s largest welfare state.

You have to feel for the patriotic protesters in Murietta standing up to the government’s importation of tax-consuming invaders. But they’re trying to defend a nation that NO LONGER EXISTS. It’s past time trying to reform D.C. and imagining we’re going to shame the federal government into protecting and representing us. That’s exactly the opposite of what the powers that be want.

It’s time for a hundred mighty secession movements to rise up and form governments that represent them and their interests. The first step is to recognize the utter illegitimacy of the corrupt regime in D.C. The good news is that only 21% of Americans believe the federal government is based on the consent of the governed. Do the math, and you’ll see that we’re half-way to the goal of self-determination.

Will Putin Save the Ukraine?

Russia has long been one of the great hopes of two overlapping groups: white racial nationalists and Christian traditionalists. Russia is one of the few European/Colonial polities that doesn’t enact anti-white policies. It’s large and powerful. And it’s conservative, traditional, and authentically Christian. Additionally, Russia was able to defeat the Neocon-backed Chechnyan terrorists/secessionists, prevent war in Syria, and at other times defy and even defeat Neocons, Neocons are of course sworn enemies of remnant real Americans. Where American power serves evil causes, there’s usually a Neocon at the helm, so busy writing history and so full of hate that he hasn’t time to think on just what in the Hell he’s doing.

Yes, Russia suffers from corruption and many ills, has many faults. Yes, the US Far Right (true Right) has largely opposed every war and foreign intervention since Vietnam, which it should have also opposed. (One noteworthy addition: We rightfully supported Pinochet’s coup.)

So, returning: Russia was one of our great hopes, and Putin enjoyed a positive reputation, globally, for thwarting Obama’s war with Syria. Then the Neocons score a victory with the violent expulsion of the President of The Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. Neocons support democracy only when their candidate wins. Following this revolution, which shifts control of the Ukraine away from Russia and towards the EU, Putin takes Crimea and is portrayed as a bad guy.

Today, we have conflict between pro-Russian and anti-Russian Ukrainians. The Ukrainians are ultra-nationalist; the Russians have embraced condemning “racism”, accusing the Ukrainians of genocide, of dehumanising Russian-Ukrainians for not being white enough.

Regardless of who is right or wrong in this conflict, results include: Russians are now firmly anti-racist, Ukrainian-Russian hatred is hot, and conservative whites throughout the world are sharply divided, often siding with the Ukrainians. I clearly side more with the Russians.

I don’t like seeing traditional people fighting in general, provided they’re within their rightful lands; but I especially don’t like seeing whites fighting whites. Nationalists have long argued that nationalism is inward looking, peaceful. All of our work is seemingly undone with this ethnic strife. We see nationalism in power; but rather than resolving ethnic division with peaceful secession, it wants bloodshed. The wider nationalist movement’s dream is to preserve Europe, not to expand one piece at the expense of another.

Some of us suspect the Ukrainian nationalists are merely acting as tools of the Neocons. It wouldn’t be the first time conservatives/nationalists fell for propaganda and served their enemies. The greater impact of the Ukrainian nationalists seems to be the destruction of the wider nationalist pro-white movement. And I should add: For every Ukrainian who condemns Russians for being mixed, there’s an Englishman who views Ukrainians as mixed. If Nordicism has accepted European preservation, Ukrainian nationalists should also drop their territorial ambitions.

As foreigners it’s difficult to know what news is true, but Russia Today reports that Ukrainians are wanting to genocide Russian-Ukrainians from within the borders of the Ukraine. As I understand it, Russian-Ukrainians are about a third of the population, maybe more.

Is Putin going to save the Ukraine? If he enters with military force, will conservatives in Europe and America grow to hate Russia? Will Russia embrace an anti-racist ideology in reaction? Will Russia’s economy be crushed with sanctions and Putin driven from power?

Russia is moving in the wrong direction, away from preservation, and this conflict is confusing conservatives. The Right has never been good at thinking. We’re good at following tradition, upholding duty. This Ukraine-Russia conflict makes nationalism appear violent rather than inward looking and traditional and is generally not good for the wider pan-nationalist movement,

An additional risk: The Identitarian debate between Christians and pagans previously concluded in favour of the Christians. If “Ukrainian nationalists” take to battling “Russian Christians”, we risk a reversal of this outcome.

Quick, Somebody Call the Police! Buchanan’s Column has been Hijacked by an Imposter!

Buchanan’s latest column is cringe worthy. It’s supposedly a defense of Richard Nixon against the charge of racism. While everything in the column is technically correct, it’s PC pandering. It is a common trick of PC phobic “conservatives” to claim that Republicans supported Civil Rights and Southern Democrats opposed it. Yes, because Southern Democrats were the more conservative element at the time. And all those white Southern Democrats became Republicans as the parties somewhat switched roles. Buchanan is better than this. I’m really disappointed.

Wrestling and MMA Phenom Ben Askren Knows What It’s all About


“When I’m thinking of sports, when I’m thinking of a boy growing up and being a man, I’m thinking of three things – honor, integrity, and toughness. And a grown man, faking an injury, rolling around on the field fails all three of those tests. Listen folks, if you want your son to grow up to be a man, don’t have him run around on a field kicking a ball, get him wrestling.”

Anne Coulter Gives as Good as She Gets

Anne Coulter has a follow-up to her much criticized soccer column. Dang! She sure knows how to give it back as good as she gets it. This is great stuff.

The massive and hysterical response to my jovial sports piece proves how right I was. Nothing explains the uniform, Borg-like caterwauling, but that soccer is a game for beret-wearers. Most of the articles attacking me are verbless strings of obscenities, their subject matter identified only in the title.

See more here…

Liberal Cognitive Dissonance on Hobby Lobby Decision

Here is a prime example of liberal cognitive dissonance: atheist Darwinian liberals decry the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision on birth control. Ummm geniuses … isn’t reproduction kind of a Darwinian imperative? I’ve got news for you. Creationists Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are kicking your rear in the Darwinian race. This counts as both cognitive dissonance and sweet irony. Another absurdity is people claiming that contraception is an essential part of health care. No it isn’t, because reproducing your species is not a disease. Contraception is a modern convenience. Whether it’s a good or bad one is for a different post.

Attempt at “Honour System” Coffee Shop in North Dakota

In North Dakota, a coffee shop called “The Vault” is operating with minimal supervision – no employees. It runs on the honour system.

From The Vault’s website:

Would an honor system coffee shop work anywhere? Probably not. The good people of Valley City make it possible.

According to Wikipedia, Valley City, ND, has 6,585 people, 95.2% white (2010 census).

“Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”

Here is my Facebook post for today. So far it has 3 likes and 3 positive comments:

As I recall, the jingle went “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevolet,” but you could replace each element with, for example, “football, hamburgers, pecan pie and Ford,” and it would still ring just as true. However, if you said “soccer, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” you would sound like a fool. Ergo, soccer is un-American and should be shunned by all true patriots.

Preach It Brother Dale, Preach It!

Dale Peterson has another video out. I’m not sure what moral decline has to do with the Auditor’s job, but this is good stuff. It’s the same backdrop as the “Leaving Americans Behind” video. I’m sure it was shot at the same time. I don’t know if he writes this stuff himself. I doubt it. But he sure knows how to deliver it. It feels like an old fashion camp meeting hell fire and brimstone sermon, although I don’t like to hear God referred to as ‘The Big Guy.” It’s too casual.

Georgia SCV Approves Aggressive Heritage Measures

Below is a Georgia SCV press release:

(Atlanta – June 30, 2014) This month the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans held their 117th Annual Reunion in Columbus and approved the most aggressive heritage platform since the Georgia flag fight more than a decade ago. Coming off several months of increases in membership and finances following the announcement of the Division’s new specialty license plate in Georgia which was featured on every major news outlet in the nation in February, the Sons had the largest attendance in recent history at this year’s reunion. With a membership in Georgia of more than 3,000 men, the Georgia Division is the largest state organisation in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the oldest national heritage organisation in America.

One of the measures adopted at this year’s annual meeting was a new slate of monuments to be erected across the state during the final year of the Sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, of the War. For the last several years, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have been actively restoring the original monuments erected in memory of the Confederate soldier around the turn of the twentieth century from one end of the state to another. Now, as restoration of those original monuments continues, new monument projects have been planned as well. Newly elected Georgia Division Commander, Ray McBerry, said, “The new monuments are intended as a reminder to the world that the Southern people have still not forgotten their heroes who withstood a formidable invader even though 150 years have passed and as a promise that they will still be remembered by our people after another 150 years have passed.”

The officers, both elected and appointed, to serve on the Division’s Executive Council met briefly following the Reunion to outline plans to actively engage both supporters and opponents of Southern heritage in Georgia. Topping the list was a plan to bring the idea of a youth summer camp to Georgia, citing the success of the national camp hosted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in one or more states each year. The new proposal will create an annual Southern heritage youth camp to be permanently hosted by the Georgia Division in addition to those hosted by the national headquarters. Other projects that are sure to be popular among Southern heritage enthusiasts include a continuation of the “Flags Across Georgia” project which has produced a number of large Confederate flags along some of Georgia’s most traveled highways and an online grave registry which will catalogue the grave of every Confederate veteran no matter where they are buried.

Finally, the boldest decision announced by the Executive Council is the decision to change the name and scope of the Heritage Defense Committee to the Heritage Action Committee. Bolstered by victories in the last twelve months against both individuals and corporations who have attempted to remove Confederate flags or desecrate graves and monuments, the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans are now publicly announcing their intention to take the heritage fight to schools, corporations, and government officials which discriminate against Georgians for their display or celebration of Southern heritage, citing both freedom of speech and state and federal laws which not only protect Confederate monuments but also require that the flags and memorials to Confederate soldiers be afforded the same protection under the law as those to any other American veterans.

For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans, please call 404.271.8473 or email via the Contact page at

Free the Big Gulp!

The courts have restored sanity. You can once again drink Big Gulps in NYC. I know some people question the wisdom of going to the mat for the right of people to drink unhealthy amounts of Coke, but I don’t think that people in NYC recognized what a laughing stock this ban made them to the rest of the country. The ban was the height of nanny state liberalism to normal Americans in Flyover Country.

The court largely ignored the merits of the ban in the 20-page ruling, but determined that the city’s Board of Health engaged in policy-making, and not simply health regulations, when it imposed the restrictions on restaurants, delis, movie theaters, stadiums and street cart vendors.

“The Board of Health engaged in law-making beyond its regulatory authority,” the opinion reads. “… It is clear that the Board of Health wrote the Portion Cap Rule without benefit of legislative guidance.”

Read more…

You don’t say.

If 25% Irish, Dual-Citizenship Obtainable

From what I’ve heard today, this appears to be true: If one is 25% Irish, or Ulster Irish, and can easily prove it; Irish citizenship is easily obtainable. Irish embassy link: “Citizenship through descent“. Also note the FAQ, “What is Citizenship by Descent?

In my case, I can easily prove being 25% Ulster Irish via great-grandparents. Though most of the rest of me is from Ireland’s eastern neighbor, albeit much earlier, the United Kingdom has no similar policy.

Why seek this? Identity.

As an American, I’m of mixed heritage. I have some French, English, Scottish in me; and most of my folks have been here since well prior to America’s independence. As such, it would be harmful to Ireland were I to move there. But I like the idea of dual-citizenship while residing in the US, for the sake of identity. As America grows increasingly diverse, such heritage might be the only thing keeping us grounded and sane.

Those, like myself, who are not fully Irish shouldn’t move there. Europe should preserve what identity it has left. But dual-citizenship sounds positive.

On a related topic: The claim that Europe’s affairs don’t concern us is false. Europe’s affairs might be argued as more important to us than are our own affairs. Without roots, a man is poor.

It Looks Like Anne Coulter has been Reading CHT

Because she doesn’t like soccer either.

I’ve held off on writing about soccer for a decade — or about the length of the average soccer game — so as not to offend anyone. But enough is enough. Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay.

Read more here

She even makes the soccer/metric connection.

Sid Vicious defends Mel

Gary Oldman chose the path of Alt Right dissident as his media character to aid his career in Hollywood. Getting his movie start with the iconic portrayal of Sex Pistol “musician,” Sid Vicious, in Sid and Nancy and finding himself a romantic indy hero for the wrong lesson learned, he worked television and took the bit parts, some better than others—like Lee Harvey Oswald, in Oliver Stone’s JFK.
Oldman has worked consistently through the years, and after landing the role of Commissioner Gordon in the Chris Nolan Alt Right version Batman series, finds himself at the height of his game in the year 2014, with two big budget films—and as he ages, and finds his moments, he can still deliver a few lines.

Oldman blasts liberal Hollywood, Defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin


My Man Dale Peterson is BACK!

OK, this story is not new. I don’t know how I missed it. Peterson is running for Auditor of Alabama. There has already been a four way primary, and Peterson is in a run off. The run off is 15 July.

We posted here about the two run-ins with the law that Paterson had, so I am surprised to see him back on the scene. According to this website from Feb., he was found guilty on both charges and the sentence included some jail time which seems like overkill to me. He is appealing and had a jury trial scheduled for May. I have searched to see what came of that trial date, and couldn’t find anything. Peterson briefly and somewhat cryptically addresses the incidents here. He says he saw some doctors and had some tests and was diagnosed with “short-term memory problems” which he has addressed with medications and vitamins. While the incidents sounded medical to me, and I said so at the time, as someone who knows a little something about these things, I am skeptical that his explanation is giving us all the information, but I won’t publicly speculate further.

That said, Peterson seems to be taking a lower profile this time. Here is his ad for Auditor. It contains the recognizable imagery, but Peterson doesn’t speak.

Here, Peterson goes off on Obama about the Bergdahl prisoner swap.

First of all, I’m not sure what Bergdahl has to do with being Auditor of Alabama. Second, I don’t totally agree with Peterson here. I don’t in principle have an objection to a prisoner swap. As the original Bergdahl as deserter Rolling Stone article we discussed here makes clear, if we were going to end the war in Afghanistan, then we really had to get Bergdahl back. Ending the war and leaving him over there wasn’t really an option. I do, however, think the Administration handled it very badly, which they have no excuse for because the politics of it all were predicted precisely by the Rolling Stone article in 2012. Instead of announcing it like it was some sort of triumph, they should have announced it solemnly and prepared people for the controversy. Obama also was required by law to inform Congress, and his failure to do so should be pursued.

That said, I still find something very powerful about Peterson’s folksy, down home delivery. As things become less left vs. right and more the Elite and their minions vs. the people, I believe that people like Peterson will help bring that message home. I think it would serve us well to study his presentation. I’m not suggesting people play a role. You have to be who you are. But Peterson is going to be one type in the rebellion. Brainy outsiders like Brat and hopefully a couple of billionaire populists like Perot and Trump will contribute to the mix as well.