Ugh! There is Going to be a Machete II

Yep, it’s true. It is going to be called Machete Kills. Some of you may remember that CHT reported on (click and scroll down) the controversy surrounding the original Machete which attempted to capitalize on the Arizona immigration law by making a trailer glorifying the killing of whitey. I’m surprised they’re making a second one because the first one under-performed […]

Stop Machete!

Apparently, there is some momentum underway to protest the upcoming movie “Machete” because of its strong anti-white message.  Judging by the original trailer (before it was cleaned up), some people suggest that the movie celebrates mestizos murdering European Americans.  They say the movie was released “to green light” violence against whites, especially whites opposing mass […]

Machete the Movie

While we’re on the subject of movies, I have seen two trailers for the movie Machete, one before Predators and one before The Expendables. Neither had any hint of the hate whitey element that characterized the “Arizona Edition” of the trailer that came out after Arizona passed their new immigration law. As I predicted at […]

Machete the movie (AKA, Kill Whitey)

Here is the trailer for the upcoming action film Machete directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis. A superficial summary of the plot is as follows: some double-crossed mestizos and a Catholic priest go on a killing spree of white people who oppose illegal immigration. Of course, from what I’ve read, such behavior is celebrated, […]

Cameron to Scots: The bogeyman will get you if you secede!

Prime Minister David Cameron must REALLY be afraid the Scots will vote for self-determination. Not only is he resorting to scare tactics, but he’s spouting pure nonsense in a clumsy attempt to frighten Scots into rejecting self-rule: David Cameron today warned that Scotland would be more at risk from terrorism if it votes for independence. […]

Daily Reading (and open thread)

NumbersUSA reports that ICE inflates its 2010 deportation numbers, and notes that the DREAM Act would add up to 2.1 million workers to the already depressed job market. Brenda Walker reports that the DREAM Act, if passed, will cost tax payers $6.2 billion a year. Mark Krikorian writes how Democrats want to attach the DREAM Act to an […]

Daily Reading (and open thread)

Discussions on free trade: Ian Fletcher’s new book, Free Trade Doesn’t Work, details how free trade is destroying the U.S. economy. Tom Piatak notes that support for free trade plummets. Srdja Trifkovic writes about the pernicious myth of “free trade”. Other Articles: James Fulford points out a recent study by UT – Austin that confirms what everyone already […]

Daily Reading (and open thread)

Colin Liddell writes that much of Europe’s political correctness was imported from the United States. Peter Brimelow argues that the tea party represents a stirring white giant. Thomas Fleming comments on the tea parties. Srdja Trifkovic notes that the “conservative” Joseph DioGuardi, the GOP Senate candidate in New York, is an apologist and fundraiser for […]

Daily Reading (and open thread)

Peter Brimelow writes that RICO lawyer Howard Foster thinks that we need not necessarily amend the constitution to end anchor-baby birthright citizenship.  It simply can be ended by:  (1) Congress passing a bill defining citizenship, (2) limiting the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction, or (3) individual state legislation defining citizenship. Daniel Larison criticizes the absolutely asinine “arguments” […]